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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Could anybody tell me types of testing involved when the project is at maintenance.

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What is Manual Testing?Can I Know the best Institute in Hyderabad & the Best Institute to get Projects?Plz kindly help me ? Iam thinking to learn Testing? My qualification : BCA with MBA .

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If developers team doesn't agree with the bug raised by you, what is the next step would you take

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If a company doesnt use a bug tracking tool then hw the tester reports the bug to the developer? plzz do answer its urgent.thanks in advance

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What is Intersystem testing

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This is a common login screen example with all well known fields like username, password, etc. How could you test this in Unit Testing Phase, Integration Testing Phase and System Testing Phase??

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is it always necessary to do white box testing before doing black box testing.wat ar applications where only white box is done not black box testing,and application where only black box is benifical not white box testing

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what is entry criteria for testing?

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Write down the template for test case.

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hi!how to write test cases on SRS?tell me any example which type of certification is usefull for less then 1 yr exp. people in testing?

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What is integration testing?

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Difference between Client server application & Web based application?

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how can we connect database in manual testing? pls answer for this

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what is the role of test engineer while doing unit and integration testing. unit and integration testing is already done by developers

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what is inspection,walkthrough and review


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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

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