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AMD-00100: not found: string "string"


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AMD-00101: cannot create string "string"; metadata entity already exists

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AMD-00102: invalid metadata entity: string "string"

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AMD-00103: %s "string" does not have a string

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AMD-00104: Level "string" cannot be added to the hierarchy; parent and child parameters represent the same level

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AMD-00105: Level "string" cannot be added to the hierarchy; the specified parent level "string" is already the parent of "string"

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AMD-00106: parent string "string" must be removed before child string "string" can be removed

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AMD-00107: no root level in hierarchy: "string"

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AMD-00108: Dimension "string" is improperly mapped; the dimension has string hierarchies mapped, but hierarchy level "string" has string columns mapped

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AMD-00109: Parent metadata entity has too many child entities. string "string" has more than string string

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AMD-00110: parameter string of "string" not valid

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AMD-00111: PROCEDURE string, invalid directory: "string"

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AMD-00112: PROCEDURE string, invalid mode

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AMD-00113: PROCEDURE string, invalid operation

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AMD-00114: PROCEDURE string, internal error

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NZE-28890: Entrust Login Failed


ORA-26028: index string.string initially in unusable state


Any body can tel me how to display a Frame Link of a page in Another Frame? For Clearance of my dought..... I designed a BSP page with 3 frames as shown below. -------------------------------- | | | Frame 1 | | | -------------------------------- | Frame 2 | Frame 3 | | | | | Link 1 | | | Link 2 | | | Link 3 | | | | | -------------------------------- Now in Frame 1 i displayed one page.. And in Frame 2 i displayed one page with some links. Now when i clicked on any Link in Frame 2 that corresponding Page has to display in Frame 3. In general HTML i know...But in BSP i don't know that much since i am new to this... plz any solutions...thanks a lot.... Regards, Shankar.


ORA-26030: index string.string had string partitions made unusable due to:


I worked with $message and $$message, Bt its not working?..


ORA-26082: load of overlapping segments on table string.string is not allowed


A sample program using data structure? what is file handling?


How to develop a program using C language to convert 8-bit binary values to decimals. TQ


2. A student studying Information Technology at Polytechnic of Namibia is examined by coursework and written examination. Both components of assessment carry a maximum of 50 marks. The following rules are used by examiners in order to pass or fail students. a. A student must score a total of 40% or more in order to pass (total = coursework marks + examination marks) b. A total mark of 39% is moderated to 40% c. Each component must be passed with a minimum mark of 20/50. If a student scores a total of 40% or more but does not achieve the minimum mark in either component he/she is given a technical fail of 39% (this mark is not moderated to 40%) d. Grades are awarded on marks that fall into the following categories. Mark 100-70 69-60 59-50 49-40 39-0 Grade A B C D E Write a program to input the marks for both components (coursework marks out of 50 and examination marks out of 50), out put the final mark and grade after any moderation. [30]


NZE-28868: Peer certificate chain check failed.


dear sir I want singal maintainer(iii& ii) solved question paper in every year in every board in rrb. If you collect these and sent these my mail-id i shall very grateful to you. thanking you your's faithfully soma saha


what are the test cases for ticket vending machine?


hi pp gurus, when i do the goods receipt through transiction MIGO the system, gives following error. I filled up all information that needs MIGO transiction. the error is: "Account determination for entry INT GBB___AUF 7900 not possible." can any one suggest me what to do now?


How to view the error log for any specific instance?


hp asking for replication floppy to do reinstall 25254 server assistant