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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Explain V.model

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What is the difference between windows application and Client server application ?

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what is e-tester?


Write scenarios as on a paper cup (which we use to have tea) [Believe me, they can ask any type of question! :)]

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test cases on orange hrm(( this is human resourse management system)

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What is negative path testing?

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What are the test factors you consider while preparing high severity test cases.Please answer ASAP

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Can anyone explain about agile software methodology...

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what is the test case for bank check leaf??

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How many times u involved in reviewing testcases

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If a defect is found in UAT after releasing what can a tester tell to his Manager about that defect?

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How to check security of any browsers???

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oracle table A havng one million records. write 10 test cases to test data?

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who is perform user acceptance testing and when it will conduct? is it before alpha testing or after alpha testing? Please post the answer as soon as possible

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what is ECP/

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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

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