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IBM DB2 Interview Questions
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What does DML stand for and what are some examples of it?

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What's the maximum number of volumes that can be added to a STOGROUP?

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what is the difference between join and union?

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In a DB2-CICS program which is acts as co-ordinator and which is participant?

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When Can you be sure that a query will return only one row?

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What is the size of a data page?

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Name the different types of Table spaces.

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Can you define an Index if the table size less than 10 PAGES?

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How many Buffer pools are there in DB2 and what are they?

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How many sub queries can you combine together ?

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How do u achieve record level locking in DB2 versions when record level locking is not allowed?

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Explain the use of the WHERE clause.

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How do you declare a host variable (in COBOL) for an attribute named emp-name of type VARCHAR(25) ?

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what's the best lock size that you could use when you create a tablespace?

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The only place of VSAM KSDS in DB2 is?

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IBM DB2 Interview Questions

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