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IBM Certifications AllOther Interview Questions
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pls send me ISTQB model papers or previous papers foundation and advanced special thanks in advance

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For WebSphere MQ clients on some platforms, if a security exit is not defined, the values of two environment variables MQ_USER_ID and MQ_PASSWORD are transmitted to the server. On which of the following platforms are these environment variables used?


Is the Certification "Madhyam Visharad (Hidi)" issued by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad (U.P) is equivalent to University's BA(Hindi)??? Please give the Valid Proof.

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I am a B.B.A (Hons) as a topper of RIMS rourlela, thand did my PGDCRM from Symi Pune.Now I want to go for PMP. Right now am working with IBM as a service management guy and supporting Tata Steel.Can you suggest that shall i go fpr PMP first ot ITIL foundation V2?

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List the Basic Steps for MM configuration.


hi i completed as/400 course. I want to give certification test in as/400 so please give me information in various type of certification in as/400 and criteria place full information ?

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IBM Certifications AllOther Interview Questions

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