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IBM Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is secondary market?

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Define and distinguish between flexible and floating exchange rate system. What kind of exchange rate system does china have?


What is the difference between Bank transfer and Cheques in SAP.

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How does Cheques work while processing it in SAP? What are the effects and the methods.


What are the difference between P/l a/c and income and expenditure

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Hi all, I am having a interview tommorow at MG Road HR personal interview for IBM daksh. Can any one tell me most likely asking question with the answers. Thanks in advace.

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Examples each for golden rules of accounting

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What is meaning of Corporate Assessee & Non Corporate Assessee? Corporate Market & Non Corporate Market?

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If a company pay salary all the employee by seprate cheque and all the employee registed in pf & esi so what is journal the journal entry in tally? and what i create all employee a/c in tally?

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15 methods of depreciation and its examples

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what are all the items comes under balancesheet(liability side & asset side) step by step.& also trading and p&l account. somany companies asking this type of question . please tell me...

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what is balance sheet, capital budgeting, financial statements, current ratio, profit maximization?


What is the journal and payment entry of P.F and E.S.I

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What will be the journal entry for good lost by fire. How many entries will be passed in the books of account for the same.

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What is the nature of bank account: a) nominal b) real c) personal

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IBM Accounting General Interview Questions

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