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IBM Sun Certifications Interview Questions
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what is the command to check the total memory in a solaris 9 server.

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How to find Client system has nfs available and nis available ?

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Hi I want to do SCJP Certification. But, I dont know How to approach for that. Can some send me the details please. Send me the Imp questions and dumps if you have any? Thanks in advance. send the info to

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what will be cost of sub ceritification in java

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Any one who wants SCJP certifivation voucher can have from me. my voucher validity is july 31st 2010 and i bought it at a cost of 4300, now the present cost of voucher is more than the amount what i mentioned here if any one is interested, they can contact me for further details.

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hi all i have done core java and advanced java But still not have proficiency in devolping web application so thinking for certification course anyone tell me from where i get best training for certification in SCJP and advanced java.

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IBM Sun Certifications Interview Questions

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