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IBM Puzzles Interview Questions
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There are 3 ants at 3 corners of a triangle, they randomly start moving towards another corner. What is the probability that they don't collide?

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Find the values of each of the alphabets. N O O N S O O N + M O O N ---------- J U N E

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To move a safe, two cylindrical steel bars 7 cms in diameter are used as rollers. How far will the safe move forward when the rollers have made one revolution?

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Find out the smallest four digit number which is divisible from 1 to 10?

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One of the following is my secret word: AIM DUE MOD OAT TIE. With the list in front of you, if I were to tell you any one of secret word, then you would be able to tell the number of my secret word. Which is my secret word?

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Three boxes labeled as red, blue and mixed.These labels are box contains red balls and another box contains blue balls and remaining one box contains both red and blue balls. Pickup one ball from any box(u should pickup ball only once) and name the correct labels.

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IBM Puzzles Interview Questions

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