PHP Interview Questions
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what are Implode and Explode functions?


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How can we register the variables into a Session?

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What is the difference between the functions UNLINK and UNSET?

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What are the different types of Errors in PHP?

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What is register_globals in php?

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How can we submit a form without a submit buttom?

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What types images that php supports?

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How do you format and output a number with leading zero's?

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When you will get the error "Cannot add header information"?

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How to install PHP with --mcrypt and --mhash?

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How can you access a COM object from a PHP page?

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How do you get the Browser information?

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How can you parse files that were not ending with .php by using Apache?

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what method is used to generate a random number?

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How do you develop your own PHP extension ?

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What type of headers that PHP supports?


List some features of php that are deprecated in php


How can you create a session in php?


Explain me is multiple inheritance supported in php?


Require_once(), require(), include(). What is difference between them?


Is php 7 backwards compatible?


What is php session_start() and session_destroy() function?


What is the use of 'print' in php?


How to split a string into array using php?


What is use of header() function in php? What the limitation of header()?


"mysql_fetch_row — Get a result row as an enumerated array",this sentence comes from the PHP offical manual.However ,i can not understand the words "enumerated array".I need some help.Thanks a lot to everyone that reply.


What is the differences between $a != $B and $a !== $B?


What is mean tnq


Suppose we receive a form submitted by a post to subscribe to a newsletter. This form has only one field, an input text field named email. How would we validate whether the field is empty? Print a message "the email cannot be empty" in this case?


What is the difference between htmlentities() and htmlspecialchars()?