PHP Interview Questions
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what are Implode and Explode functions?


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How can we register the variables into a Session?

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What is the difference between the functions UNLINK and UNSET?

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What are the different types of Errors in PHP?

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What is register_globals in php?

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How can we submit a form without a submit buttom?

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What types images that php supports?

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How do you format and output a number with leading zero's?

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When you will get the error "Cannot add header information"?

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How to install PHP with --mcrypt and --mhash?

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How can you access a COM object from a PHP page?

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How do you get the Browser information?

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How can you parse files that were not ending with .php by using Apache?

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what method is used to generate a random number?

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How do you develop your own PHP extension ?

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Hello Friends,I am seeking for a job in php having 9 months. exp.Please suggest any company openings.


What is different between software and app


can we swap two different string using php for example:-- before swapping:-- 1 string :-hello friend, 2 string :-my dear, after swapping that strings will be: 1.hello dear, friend.


am from learning php&mysql. what will be the approx salary for me if i get a job in coimbatore.


Which is better php praogramming or cad/cam scope wise and also salaray wise?


Hi this is amul jani here, i complied my graduation in stream.. but as career i looking for PHP language.. to get shape my career. so is that possible to enter in IT world.. for me how much scope of develop my career in this field.. amul jani


what are the differences between php and perl


what is constructor


How could I install codeignitor ?


i m a B.E,passed out few yrs bak failed to find good job due to less marks now thinkin of a career as PHP developer. is it a lucarative field and wat r career prospects; hv heard dat initial salary is very less bout 6k also most jobs r contrct jobs.pls guide me need ur valuable advice.pls hellppp!! thnx..


What is a class in php programing?


How to get best php developer Experience in Php with Sugar CRM / VTiger.


armstrong number by using php while number is given by the keyboard.?


what is the scope of php in the future if any other language is developed then may be php is loss ???


what is benefit of magento?