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IBM Siebel Interview Questions
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Can you create an extension table with an intersection table?

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What is an extension table and how is it related to base table?

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what is difference between bounded and unbounded picklist?

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How to create a Primary foriegn key because there is no PFK in account for Opprtunity ,it is 1:M relationship

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How you create Picklists?

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what is PICKMAP?

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what is Profile attribute?

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How to give Access controls to the forms, EX: Manager should view all forms, but salesrep can view only "salesview" form in Siebel?

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No of clinets in Siebel applications?

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About MVL(multivaluelink)?

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What is a Link, & different types of Link in Siebel?

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In scripting how you enable Button,and if I click the button popup mesage should come.

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about Buscomp user property in BC?

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what is the difference between serverside scripting and browser side scripting?

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plz send me if any body has study material for seibel testing plz can any body say is there any website for seibel testing (interview questions)& correct answer site this is my emailid plz plz plz

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IBM Siebel Interview Questions

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