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IBM USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions
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Why did you choose US ?

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ihave applied for f1 visa for summer 2008 term.........if i get visa for that can i deffere my admission to fall 2008 term as my college is permitting so? do i need to reapply for f1 visa in case i deffere my admission with my colleges permission


I had 4 backlogs in BTECH. will i get visa?

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ihave completed my mca in 2009 and i applied for ms in us in computer science and i got admission frm university of bridgeport my doubt is what i need to answer the embassay if they ask me why r u going to us after u hav completed ur mca so plz answer my question ,its a request


hi i'm from iran, i study control engineering, i want to study in other country, what i have to do?? please answer

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IBM USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions

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