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IBM VSAM Interview Questions
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How do you convert flat files to VSAM files ?

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What are the types of VSAM datasets?

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How are records stored in an ESDS, entry sequenced dataset?

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Explain the meaning and syntax for the START command. ?

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Name some common VSAM error conditions and codes. ?

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What are the three levels of definition for the VSAM DEFINE?

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What is the significance of the SHAREOPTIONS parameter?

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What is File Status in VSAM?

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Can AMS commands be run from the TSO prompt ?

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Syntax of AMS modal commands ?

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Under IDCAMS , multiple functions can be executed, each of which returns a cond code. What will be the condition code returned to the operating system ?

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How do you define a KSDS ?

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How do you define an ALTINDX ? How do you use ALTINDXs in batch, CICS pgm?s ?

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Using Alternate Indexes in Batch pgms: ?

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What happens when you open an empty VSAM file in a COBOL program for input?

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IBM VSAM Interview Questions

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