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IBM WinRunner Interview Questions
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How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?

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how can u do web testing?exactly what is the process for web testing?

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please tell me how to explain the project by taking any project (like banking product), how to start explaing?what will be the order of priority e.g.,like purpose, modules, HLDs LLDs etc., in testing point of view (as a testengineer). rightnow i can't explain my project though i've done plz help me ..

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what is software metrics

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which testing life cycle are u following & explain

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what is the winrunner framework or architecture?

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how to insert check points? whatis the gui check point?

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what is the regular expression for dd-mm-yyyy?

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what is the main diff of Qtp9.2 and 9.5 plz tell me

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What is the XML test cases creation?


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IBM WinRunner Interview Questions

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