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IBM SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions
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How does it do delta?


Which R/3 version supports LO extraction?

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How many extra partitions are created and why?

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Typically when do you use it?

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What is an external hierarchy?

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What are value sets?


what is exception aggregation

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account modeling and key figure modeling

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HI experts please send me interview questions of sap bw process chains and over all questions please help i am going to attend the interview send me as soon as posible thanks for all with regards vinod babu

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How do you analyse the data loading time the loading time is 15 min.but tomorrow the same type of loading takes 3 hours..How do you analyse?

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what is the use of filters in Bex

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what are step in transporting the object?

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what is line item dimension? when we need them? how we will come to know we need to create line item dimensions?

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What is the RRI. what is the sructure of RRI.any conditions for RRI.

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How can we stop the Collapse process in process chain.

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IBM SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions

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