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IBM Oracle Certifications Interview Questions
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I would like to know all the details about oracle certification on different levels.

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Can you please send me the dups for the OCA certification?

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I am an engineering student and this is my final year. so i m planing of doing OCA certification course. is this time good? are there future scope for it?


Hi All..! This is Ratna,Im working as a Oracle apps Technical Consultant with 2yrs of experience.I started working on Hrms module,I feel like going for functional certification in HRMS module.Can any one suggest me on the below questions 1. how many papers are there for Oracle HRMS certification, and what is fees for each paper. 2. can a person pass the paper by reading the related documention provided by oracle. 3. do anybody have bunch of questons for oracle HRMS and like to share.


i have 6 years of gap after doing bca. how to get a good job now.


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IBM Oracle Certifications Interview Questions

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