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IBM VB Script Interview Questions
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How to write a general script which should does the following a). If a page object is given, it should identify the page object of the corresponding page(site). b). It should identify all the links of that particular page. in QTP tool?

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Hi anyone Can Send Solution to the Question wt m posting now Prepare Script for the Bellow Scenario? Login to Gmail Page Open Inbox check Mails save them in a Folder


Open Yahoo Login Page in that page Suppose i have 100 mails and i want to delete 10'th mail now give procedure & Coding For that Scenario

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Plz give the vb script for the following scenerio. In travel booking we have to select from delhi to mumbai from the combobox The prices will be display in another combo box .But i have to select the lowest price for it and submit it

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How do I check that the names in a weblist are correct e.g in flight application the names of item are Denver, paris,London, etc. How do I ensure the correct item is displayed from the list after doing item count ?

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after medical test,when will be the police verification


How to map test cases with Automation script? Please explain in details.With example Thanks for your co-operation(In Advance)

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while using Keyward driven framework in QTPif new requirements are added how to manage it...plz ans


How to generate 3 digit random number?

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Write a VB Script to count blank Lines in a notepad

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How to Import data from a file (file is on the desktop) to the data table

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How to Import data from a file (file is on the desktop) to the data table


How to Import data from a file (file is on the desktop) to the data table


How to Import data from a file (file is on the desktop) to the data table

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IBM VB Script Interview Questions

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