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IBM Operating Systems General Concepts Interview Questions
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How to communicate between difference process?

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What are counting semaphores?

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What is the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?

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Differentiate between RAM and ROM?

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What is lock granularity?

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what is disk interleaving? why is disk interleaving adopted?

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What are the main difference between Micro-controller and micro-processor?

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If two processes which shares same system memory and system clock in a distributed system, what is it called?

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What is Thrashing?

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What is multi tasking, multi programming, multi threading?

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What are turnaround time and response time?

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Paging a memory management function, while multiprogramming a processor management function, are the two interdependent?

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main() { charstr1="prakash"; charstr2="raju"; Str1=str2; printf("\n%d",str1); }

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Why is it that a single, all – encompassing metric cannot be developed for programme complexity or programme quality?


What do you mean by Belady's Anomaly. - Describe with example.

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IBM Operating Systems General Concepts Interview Questions

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