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IBM SAP PP (Production Planning) Interview Questions
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what are the basics of PP ?

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what is recurssive BOM ?

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what is lead time, planning time, planning fence time ?

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what is the significance of process order over production order

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What r different reduction startergies in SAP PP?

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any one can provide me some sample resume for SAP PP with 0 to 1 year experience?


what is standard info set? where it is used in pp?

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what is pp cycle?

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how costing is done in pp or how u will know the cost of a product which is manufactured in ur plant

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What are SAP Configuration Steps along with Tcode and Master data for New Product Development and Introduction? Please give step by step answer along with T code for each step and master data and Org. element required for each step. Thanks in advance.

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What do you mean by Production Support,with some examples?

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What is COIS?

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what is the difference between PP and PP-PI? Which one is better and how? Please explain some body in detail.

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What does a PP Consultant do in his/her real time?


If the scenario is''Party is supplying some material we have to do the some processing operation on it, how it cab be handled in SAP"

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Post New IBM SAP PP (Production Planning) Interview Questions

IBM SAP PP (Production Planning) Interview Questions

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