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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions
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by testcase how to achieve 100% branch coverage for the following code. Read P Read Q Print "P" Print "Q"

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What is Cause-Effect Graphing Techniques in testing ?

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What if the application has functionality that wasn't in the requirements?

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How client/server application is complex?

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What are all the usability guidelines to consider for testing WWW?

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What command is used to launch a application in winrunner?

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Write TestCases for ATM Machine ?

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To test a application what is required is functional specfication or busniess requirment ?

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how to excute testcases in regression testing time.

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What is test design???

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What r the non-configurable items in the VSS for software configuration management?

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what is meant by regression testing?

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You are given two scenarios to test. Scenario 1 has only one terminal for entry and processing whereas scenario 2 has several terminals where the data input can be made. Assuming that the processing work is the same, what would be the specific tests that you would perform in Scenario 2, which you would not carry on Scenario 1?

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What are the disadvantages of overtesting?

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Can anyone give me the example of High Priority and High severity defect. Please dont give me answers like Spelling mistakes or logo missing something like that. Give me some real time example from your application. Thanks in Advance.

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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

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