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Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: What do you define in customizing for the payment program? FBZP (Any 2 Answer) • Bank subaccount ( BANK DETRMINATION SCREEN. ACCOUNTS) • Forms of the payment media ( PAYING COMPANY CODE) • Available amount (BANK DETERMINATION, AMOUNTS) • Assignments for the profit center • Prerequisites for the debit balance check

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: Which element do you need to enter during document posting to distinguish between international and local GAAP (generally accepted accounting principle)?(any 2 answer) • Account group for the account approach • Ledger for the ledger approach • Ledger group for the ledger approach • Account for the account approach

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: Fiscal year variant F1 has 6 posting periods and fiscal year variant F2 has 4 posting periods. The posting have different start and ending dates.assign posting period variant F1 is assigned to leading ledger (0L) and F2 is assigned to the non-leading ledger(N1). You get an error message when making a posting in the non-leading ledger.?( any 1 answer) • The posting period variant of the non-leading ledger and the leading are different • The fiscal year variant of the non-leading ledger and the leading ledger are different • The posting is being made in a special period, but both variants are examples of a shortened fiscal year • The posting period for the non leading ledger group”N1” is closed

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: What function within asset accounting allow mass processing?( any 2 answer) • Mass asset changes • Mass asset retirements ( abavn) • Mass asset acquisition ( abzon) • Mass deletion of active assets with net book value zero.

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: Sensitive field have been defined and customized for vendor master data. For which of the following sensitive fields will an update trigger dual control?(any 1 answer) Currency Account group IBAN VENDOR ACCOUNT NUMBER

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: You configured new asset accounting with three depreciation areas that post in real time. You need to do a partial scrapping to an asset in transaction type. How many document does the transaction create ?( any 1 answer) 1 3 4 6

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: 1. The controlling department wants to see depreciation amount on internal orders. Which customizing setting do you need to make in asset accounting?(any 3 answer) Make the internal order in active assignment object. Make the internal order an account assignment object for the depreciation run. Set the field internal order to required or optional in the screen layout. Enhance relevant transfer variant by adding the field internal order. Assign the field internal order to account determination.

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: You configured new assets accounting for your company code with three depreciation areas that post in real time. When posting an external acquisition. How many documents are created?( any 1 answer) 2 3 4 6

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: You use the accounts approach for parallel valuation in a new G/L system. If you used the ledger approach instead. Which objects would be different? ( any 3 answer) Chart of accounts Financial statement version Depreciation areas Asset classes Leading ledger

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherCompany : IBM

:Q: Your company code use USD as the company currency. You are trying to post to an account in EUR but get an error message that you can see the problem. What is the reason?( any 1 answer) • The currency maintained in the account master record is USD • The translation rate between EUR and USD is NOT maintained • The only balances in local currency indictor is set in the account. • The account determination for exchange rate difference is missing for the account

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralCompany : IBM

:Q: You are using the accounts approach to parallel valuation and classic assets accounting. You need to create a new financial statement version to valuation based of IFRS principles. In asset accounting, what posting options can you choose for the new depreciation area? (any 2 answer) Area post in real time Area posts APC directly and depreciation periodically Area posts APC only directly Area posts APC and depreciation periodically

Interview Questions :: SAP ABAPPosted By :

:Q: what is mean be On Change of in Control Break statement

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By :

:Q: why impudance relay used for medium transmission power system? why not others?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : naimishashivani

:Q: highest rating of alternator used in india

Interview Questions :: Engineering AllOtherPosted By : mani608304

:Q: I am an Electrical engineering ( electrical back round ) ,can i get hvac Water system design details to easy understand ,i am working past 15years in Pharmaceuticals company with Engineering depart.

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Interview Questions :: C Posted By : jithin ramakrishnan

:Q: main() { int ptr[] = {1,2,23,6,5,6}; printf("%d",&ptr[3]-&ptr[0]); }

A :: 2

Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : arpitakar

:Q: What is the first part which moves when we start the vehicle.

A :: piston

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : gaurav

:Q: Speak on your unforgettable or memorable day for two minutes?

A :: The memorable day of my life was off my graduation as I got the good grade in my final semester and even I was selected for mphasis I.T company which was come as a staggering truth of that day as I waked up my friend gave me that news that I am selected.

Interview Questions :: C Posted By : krityangan

:Q: main() { int i = 10; printf(" %d %d %d \n", ++i, i++, ++i); }

A :: The Answer is 13 11 13 because the post increment will printed first and then pre. i=10 the ++i=11,i++=12,++i=13,but in c the compiler will print ++p which is now 13 and after that when the compiler come to i++ it will print 11 because in the pre addition the previous vale is printed first andthan i= 12.

Interview Questions :: General Aptitude Posted By : rakesh kumar

:Q: Challenge For you Friends!! 1 Ladke ne 1 Ladki ko Milny k liye ‘HOTEL’ me Bulaya, Ladki nahi aai, Ladka Ladki k Ghar gya, aur Table par Baith kar Machis ki 15 Tiliyon se ‘HOTEL’ Likha. Ladki Samjh gai, Ladki ne 1 Tili Uthai Aur Ladke ko Ans Mil gya. Batao Ladki ne kon c Teli Uthai Aur Ladke ko kya Jawab Mila?

A :: 1 ladka ne 1 ladki ko hotel me bulaya

Interview Questions :: General Physics Posted By : abhinav

:Q: Why is it easier to swim in sea water than in the river water?

A :: It is easier to swim in seas than in river as we know U=dgv, the density of sea is greater than density of river due to the presence of salt in sea. U is directly propostional to density, increase in density increases the upthrust. The more the upthrust lesser will be the apparent weight of that body. (Upthrust = Apparent weight - real weight). Less apparent weight makes movement of limbs inside sea easier. Thus, an object can swim easily in seas.

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : harvey petroh

:Q: Why transformer neutral earthing? What is advantages?

A :: Harvey P 1-to balance the three phase voltage. 2-to incorporate the operation of ELCB 3-to come up the neutral wth zero potential

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : &d

:Q: What is the difference between magnetic loading and electric loading of a machine?

A :: Ampere conductor per meter of armature or stator peripheries at the air gap is known as specific electric loading

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : sriharireddy

:Q: Speak on "CRICKET" 2 minutes ?

A :: Cricket was invented by England.But it become more popular in India rather than England.In india cricket is the important topic in media is a game in which two teams play.first off all there is a toss b/w to capitans.which ever teams wins toss he decides either to bat or boll .The team which bat first set up a score which is to be chased by the other team. If a team scores 200runs the other team scores 201runs to win the match.If it scores less than 200 it losses the match. If it also scores 200 it's a tie. And again he want to play super over.

Interview Questions :: SQL PLSQL Posted By : swaraj

:Q: Query for second maximum salary in each in each department

A :: Select Department,Max(Salary) From (Select E1.Department,E1.Salary From Employee E1,(Select Department,Max(Salary) as Salary From Employee group by Department) E2 Where E1.Department = E2.Department And E1.Salary<E2.Salary) E Group by Department


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