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Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : sachin vishwakarma

:Q: 50 acre of land to be reclaimed for an average height of 2.5 mt. Dredging area is 500mx200m size. what is the dredging depth required to reclaim the area?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : kpbcetdgp

:Q: What happen if transformer neutral path get removed ?

Interview Questions :: JCLPosted By : sarath

:Q: How to create delta file using JCL

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : mufazzal

:Q: kindly send me 11KV MV motor differential protection procedure by primary injection method.

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : krishnan.s

:Q: how to absorb to site basic corrections? which are the important correction?

Interview Questions :: VB ScriptPosted By : sunil d e

:Q: My Salary is 65000. How Much TDS I have to pay

Interview Questions :: STLPosted By : rajib kafle

:Q: What is the name of your birth place?

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralCompany : Accenture

:Q: R2R profile required which kinds of work in accounting ?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : karthi

:Q: Electrical 'C' license full abbreviation , and full form

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : dk

:Q: If only R Phase is connected in 2 pole elcb, n is not connected than it will work or not in ground fault.

Interview Questions :: RRBPosted By : devrajsingh1970

:Q: RRB Group C Results Allahbad 2017

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : ravi nayak

:Q: For DG or Transformer body earthing, is it necessary to terminate the earth bus to earth pit directly? If not terminated to earth pit directly in earth pit and connected to any common bus strip which ultimately connects to earth pit, what will be the pros and cons?

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : omar

:Q: Study the attached ACS 790 AHU and boiler GUI and refer to the video on the software usage, catalog and the step by step document (page 9) to perform the following task: List in a table form the controllers and all their connected I/O for the boiler and the AHU.

Interview Questions :: Electronics CommunicationsPosted By : gootam.divyani

:Q: Compare and Contrast- Diffusion and Drift Mechanisms

Interview Questions :: EngineeringPosted By : baalajji.s

:Q: Why we should not apply Ac supply to Cable when during the cable Hi pot test ?

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Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : venkat iyer

:Q: What is maximum AC & DC transmission voltage in India? and where?

A :: 1. AC 765 KV already in service in many parts of India 2. AC 1150 KV with highest system voltage of 1200 KV under progress 3. DC 800 KV already commissioned in Assam

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : rakesh.p

:Q: How did you spent your last day,sunday,?

A :: Last day i woke up at around 6 o clock in the morning, i brushed my teeth, took bath ,and got ready for my college, after that i took my breakfast ,and went to college.around 3pm i came back home ,i took lunch.and then i took a nap ,i woke up around 5 pm,then i started my computer.and started study. till 10 pm i was studying ,then i took my dinner. At around 11pm i went to bed

Interview Questions :: SAP FI CO Posted By : 12349

:Q: Hi evryone, Could you please suggest the best institute for SAP FICO in ameerpet?

A :: "there are many institutes, many faculties ad of course famous faculties are there in the market since 15years .I suggest attend one class of Mr. Upendar Reddy, who is taking more in depth real time concepts which is required to clear interview.printed material he is giving minimizes our writing time and we are finishing courses in less time when compared to other trainers.before joining any where try his classes he is taking classes in Pragna Technologies, 406,adithya enclave,Ameerpet"

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : flu arslan

:Q: when is the Ohms law is applicable?

A :: It is applicable when temperature and mechanical strain etc remains constant

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : amit duhan

:Q: Difference between lateral ties and stirrups?

A :: So, Can u tell me, How we use Lateral tie in Col., I think its only a theory.

Interview Questions :: APPSC AllOther Posted By : mukesh lal gupta

:Q: . The largest lake in India is (1) Wular (2) Sambhar (3) Chilka (4) Dal

A :: According to Area and Brackish water Chilka lake is the largest one.

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : kpbcetdgp

:Q: What happen if transformer neutral path get removed ?

A :: there will be no way for current in case of unbalance load ...

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOther Posted By : m sushmita

:Q: what is the difference between direct income and indirect income. pleases explain with example.

A :: The income or expenses which direct relates to the manufacturing/production of your business are known as direct expenses. The expenses which are of administrative or selling in nature are known as indirect expenses

Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : ajeesh

:Q: what is the function of primary pump and secondary pump in HVAC plant.?

A :: Primary pumps are used to pump the chilled water to disturb and return to chiller. Secondary pumps are used to distribute the chilled water to rooms and the working areas

Interview Questions :: SAS Posted By : vidit malhotra

:Q: how to get second highest salary from a employee table and how get a 5th highest salary from a employee table?

A :: /*Proc RANK method*/ proc rank data=paydept out=order descending ties=dense; var Salary; ranks SalaryRank; run; proc sql; select Name,Salary,SalaryRank from order where SalaryRank IN (2,5); quit;


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