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Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryPosted By : s.kumar

:Q: What is the importance of sulphated ash test?

Interview Questions :: Funny Interview QuestionsPosted By : rizki saragih

:Q: Hi., What is the relationship between house bank and bank account?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : caf_iiee

:Q: How to discuss the phase shift of transformer considering open delta?

Interview Questions :: Electronics CommunicationsCompany : Vernalis Systems

:Q: what are the topic have in company

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringCompany : NCC

:Q: if we apply 1000ADC instead of 100ADC or We apply 50ADC instead of 100ADC,What will be happened in the test result value.Pl explain

Interview Questions :: Sun CertificationsCompany : Cap Gemini

:Q: Which attribute definitions is used to dynamically assign ‘PROTECTED’ and ‘MDT ON’ attributes for CustName?

Interview Questions :: Unix GeneralPosted By : abhijitsarangi91

:Q: How to restrict NULL value in UNIX

Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryCompany : Sanmar

:Q: What is UV cut off?

Interview Questions :: Core JavaPosted By : akshay

:Q: I am a fresher and know core java, c languge, html, css etc if I am illegible for any job then send it on my email

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : saiauto_1

:Q: what is the difference between En19 and En24

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : parth

:Q: How to calculate main incomer rating of APFC Panel ? Let's say i want to find main incomer for 11kV, 1000kVAR Panel.

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringCompany : Pinnacle

:Q: Aptitude, reasoning, quants, verbal and technical question

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : sharsh3302

:Q: What are the frequently asked technical questions in chemical engineering during PI?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : yogiwaran057@

:Q: What is slope...? Explain slope 1 and slope 2...?

Interview Questions :: RPG400Posted By : javeed

:Q: How to print Superscript / Subscript from RPG400

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Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : jaya kumar

:Q: What is the volume of 50kg cement bag?

A :: 0.0347 volume of cement weight

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : ayaz ahmed

:Q: how can calculate qty of steel required for one or two ways slabs..

A :: By knowing the area of slab (l*b*t) and spacing between the main and distribution bars ...

Interview Questions :: Electronics Communications Posted By : varutharaj

:Q: what are the topic have in company

A :: I thing number system average percentage train problems Time and work Time,speed and distance Age problems Boats and stream profit and loss simple and compound interest

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : ramesh arumugam

:Q: If the circuit breaker will not close or it will trip, what will you do?

A :: Please mention the voltage rating and the type of breaker i.e whether ACB or VCB or vcu

Interview Questions :: C Posted By : jitendra mahajan

:Q: #include<stdio.h> main() {int i=1;j=1; for(;;) {if(i>5) break; else j+=1; printf("\n%d",j) i+=j; } }

A :: 2 5

Interview Questions :: SQL PLSQL Posted By : malkeet kaur

:Q: diff b/w function and procedure?

A :: 1)functions may or may not have return type but procedure doesn't have return type 2)functions are called from select statement but procedure can not called from select statement 3)fuctions are used when some data is passed to calling environment but procedure is used when some processing to be done

Interview Questions :: Oracle General Posted By : ajitnayak

:Q: how to retrieve 1st and last row of table without using group functions??


Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : santhosh

:Q: how to handle manpower in production department ?

A :: their weakness is our strength.. By holding their weakness u can control them

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : joseph george muckadackal

:Q: 1 cu.m contain how many hollow & solid bricks?

A :: 77 to 116 as or calculation for 40x20x10 and 30x20 x 20 ...but add 5 - 10 % extra for wasage and motar thickness

Interview Questions :: Oracle General Posted By : ajitnayak

:Q: how to get count of tables in particular database in Oracle?



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