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Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : vip

:Q: ram paid to cheque rs 25000/- for comission what is the entry in tally can in this entry tds will deduct then what is the entry in tally and which voucher

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : vip

:Q: one bank account transaction example ebanking raj medical 500000 dr. second bank account ebanking raj medical 500000 cr what is the entry in tally erp can it is contra contry or not please explain

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringCompany : Oman Cables Industry SAOG

:Q: I use 20 nos led tube 4feet, in pathway 100mtr approximate, so what size cable i use for lighting

Interview Questions :: SAP FI COPosted By : aravindd

:Q: DIfference between F-43

Interview Questions :: Architecture Design AllOtherCompany : Vastu Vihar

:Q: Why do u want to join vastu vihar

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : ashis

:Q: CT Ratio of a energy meter connection is Red Phase : 100/5A, yello Phase : 50/5A & Blue phase : 100/5 A what is the overall Multiplication factor

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherPosted By :

:Q: cash sales and credit sales both are asset or liability?

Interview Questions :: Group IPosted By : rajasekhar

:Q: When could be group1 mains results 2017...any idea and probable cutoff pls post ur expected marks who attended exam in august

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : ahmadraza93

:Q: what is span value and zero ? and how set ?

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationCompany : VA Tech Wabag

:Q: I wnat to practice more online type questions .so will you show them me to take a practice test?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : guest

:Q: WAP to display "I LOVE MY COUNTRY " without any space

Interview Questions :: EngineeringCompany : Protech

:Q: Question asked in prototech first round

Interview Questions :: C++ GeneralPosted By : shiva

:Q: Am pass the 10000 records to target in target I will take commit interval 15000 when I was stop the work flow what will happened

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : rahul kumar

:Q: How we calculate orifice plat size???

Interview Questions :: InformaticaCompany : Wipro

:Q: There are two sessions are connected to the workflow. When the first session run load the data(employees data sum_salaries <= 1000000) into the target1. When the second session run load the data(employees data sum_salaries > 1000000) into the target2. How to achieve this?

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Interview Questions :: Core Java Posted By : shreya tanavade

:Q: I Have a class abstract with one abstract method, so that method should override in the subclass, but i dont want to override, if i am not override what will happen? If compilation will occur then i dont want to give compilation error, then what we need to do??? See the sample program. public abstract class AbstractExample { public abstract void sampleMethod(); } public class AbstractExampleImple extends AbstractExample { }

A :: if you dont want to override the abstract method i.e. SampleMethod ,then you must declare the subclass as ABSTRACT..i.e.declare....public declare class AbstractExampleImple ...otherwise it wuld throw compilation error

Interview Questions :: Engineering AllOther Posted By : keshav

:Q: void main() { int i=5; printf(“%d”,++i++) }

A :: compiler error - ++i++

Interview Questions :: Core Java Posted By : shreya tanavade

:Q: what is the Arraylist limit (maximum) by default ?

A :: Sorry fo r d mistake...Arraylist default capacity is 10...Aftr that wen you add the 11 th element its size increases by becomes 15..and it goes on increasing as u go on adding...

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : vipin nain

:Q: how to reduce earth to neutral voltage?

A :: 1_ try to reduce earth resistance 2. Try to balance the loads in all phases. 3. Earthing should be prper nd connections should be corrsion be there between joints....

Interview Questions :: Marketing Sales Posted By : sairam

:Q: what is role of medical representative

A :: As a MR we have to do RCPA it is very important role of MR .Because through RCPA only we cen find out the doctor potentiality. Second role is to Generate and Demand the Rx from the doctor. As a MR we are the responsible person to availability of stock and liquidate near by chemist .And maintain healthy rapo with doctors is also MR role as par my knowledge.

Interview Questions :: Test Cases Posted By : chandra

:Q: What are test cases for Car Locking System?

A :: Check the IGN state before lock or unlocking the key

Interview Questions :: Data Warehouse General Posted By : helan

:Q: Hi Cognos Folks, I have all cognos certification dumps. In fact i am certified in most of the dumps recently. I have cognos material, pdfs, user guides, documents along with dumps. If any one required cognos dumps, please drop me mail at Thanks, Cognos bi user

A :: please send me the cognos dumps.

Interview Questions :: Core Java Posted By : shreya

:Q: what is the Arraylist limit (maximum) by default ?

A :: ArrayList default limit is 16

Interview Questions :: Manual Testing Posted By : supriyashipure

:Q: Hi, Can any one tel me what is meant by adhoc testing

A :: Adhoc Testing Testing the developed application randomly by coming up with logical scenarios or illogical scenarios and checking whether the developed application as any shortcoming is called as 'Adhoc testing' In this type of testing there is no formal documentation and the test engineer will test the application the way he want but his intent here will be somehow break the application. Adhoc testing is a negative kind of testing and here the test engineer think out of the requirement and try to break the application. Why test engineer does adhoc testing? 1.Possibility is there that when the application is launched into market the end user might use the application randomly and come across bugs so before the end user find set you as a test engineer should use the the application randomly and find all the bugs. 2.To increase the bug count. 3.If the test engineer check the application according to the requirement he will find limited no. of bugs .so he should test the developed application by thinking out of the requirement to find more and more bugs. -SUPRIYA SHIPURE.

Interview Questions :: Pharmacy Posted By : sivaganesh

:Q: there are how many leak sensor in shimandzu hplc,agilent hplc,dionex hplc and water's hplc?

A :: in Agilent there are four sensors In Waters there is no Sensor In Shimadzu there is one sensor


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