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Interview Questions :: SAP SDPosted By : chhavii

:Q: Hi Team, this question is related to 3rd party. customer is given order for 20 materials and vendor delivered to customer only 10 material . As per my knowledge vendor invoice will be for 10 material and customer invoice will be for 10 material but my question is how billing quantity will change in sales order against which we have need to create customer invoice for 10 material only. what configuration we need to do for update sales order quantity for order related billing for customer. how vendor will deliver rest 10 material to close this order? could you please share your input with screen shot. Thanks in Advance.

Interview Questions :: Marketing SalesPosted By : arnav

:Q: Does anyone know how to start a small business for drones I already have the drones made

Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryPosted By : alasyam ramesh

:Q: What is the importance of rrf in rs by HPLC?

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : deep

:Q: if my flow is 20000 m3/h than which range of DPT i have to use????

Interview Questions :: SSC GeographyPosted By : studylikeapro

:Q: Which one of the following is backwater port in the western coast of India (A) Kandla (B) Marmara on (C) Mangalore (D) Cochin

Interview Questions :: EngineeringPosted By : mulugeta

:Q: i want to design tap changer for 15kv to 0.4kv steepdown transformer then how can i calculate tap number required

Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryPosted By : omprakash saini

:Q: Why 162 mg NaOH used for 1N volumetric solution in 150 ml water then 54.5 ml diluted with 1000 ml

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : ram

:Q: What is the function of a neutral reactor.

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : mansi

:Q: Major difference between SQL override and Lookup Sql override

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : james

:Q: Hi, Is there any smart plant instrumentation design training institute in Bangalore?

Interview Questions :: SAP FI COPosted By : sandra kuba

:Q: What is a ZM entry, is it recorded in the general ledger, and what does it do?

Interview Questions :: Manual TestingPosted By : akhila

:Q: Zenq interview questions for manual testing

Interview Questions :: SAP FI COPosted By : aruna

:Q: difference between base line date and value date?

Interview Questions :: Health Pharma AllOtherPosted By : prashant a. sorte

:Q: How to preform dissolution profiling

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : veerpal

:Q: What is Meter MF if External CT Ratio is 150/1 , PT Ratio is 132/110 Meter CT Ratio is 200/1 & Meter PT Ratio is 110/1

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Interview Questions :: Puzzles Posted By : pradeep rs

:Q: On evey Sunday Amar, Akbar and Anthony lunch together at Preetam-Da-Dhaba where they order lassi based on following facts. 1. Unless neither Amar nor Akbar have lassi, Anthony must have it. 2. If Amar does not have lassi, either Akbar or Anthony or both have it. 3. Anthony has lassi only if either Amar or Akbar or both have it. 4. Akbar and Anthony never have lassi together. Who order(s) lassi?

A :: Amar and Anthony both have lassi whereas Akbar never does. Fact (2) can be alternatively stated that "either Amar or Akbar or Anthony must have lassi". From Fact (3), it can be infered that either Amar or Akbar must have lassi. Now, from Fact (1), it is apparent that Anthony too must have lassi. But according to Fact (4), Akbar cannot have lassi when Anthony does.

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : suman das

:Q: Which of the following polymers is widely used for making bullet proof material? 1 Polyethylene 2 Polyamides 3 Polyvinyl chloride 4 Polycarbonates

A :: Poly carbonate is the right answer

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : mallesh

:Q: who is favourite cricket player and y???

A :: H.pandya

Interview Questions :: Informatica Posted By : preety

:Q: how to load the data in fact table.. using look up transformation how to view the second record. usally look up shows matching record for only one value. if i have same value its not displaying. ex: problem i faced. i have total, student no and name in table student i used aggregation transformation to display max(total). i have two same max values in total. when i look up the student name and no for this max(total), its showing only one name and no, its leaving the second one. how to rectify it. plz tel me step by step or clearly.

A :: While creating lookup transformation , make the lookup as active. you will get all the matching records from the lookup table.

Interview Questions :: Manual Testing Posted By : roshni

:Q: Give me atleast 10 cases of GOOGLE search engine?

A :: 1.verify that Google logo is present on top and it is centre aligned. 2.verify that search textbox is available. 3.verify if the search is case sensitive or not. 4.verify that the result fetched for the search keyword is correct means related to the search keyword. 5.verify that different language option for search is available. 6.verify that search request is getting hit by clicking on search button or by hitting enter button. 7.verify that is search result web page's title,URL, description are present. 8.verify that auto suggestion option is available. 9.verify that auto correction option is available. 10.verify that pagination option is present in case of no. Of results is greater than the limit of results on a single page

Interview Questions :: SAP Security Posted By : giridharan

:Q: what are ticketing tools?

A :: Ticketing tools are used to log user's issue, requests as a ticket with issue description. This is used to track the effort of consultant and to calculate SLA. Most popular tools are: BMC remedy, ServiceNow.

Interview Questions :: Marketing Sales Posted By : arnav

:Q: Does anyone know how to start a small business for drones I already have the drones made

A :: All I know so far is to post ads. And make flyers. (no website)

Interview Questions :: SAP FI CO Posted By : sasmita

:Q: Tell me about FI Organizational structure?

A :: Client - Highest Level | Operating Concern | Controlling Area | Business Area | Company Code | Chart Of Accounts | Cost Center | Profit Center | Chart of Depreciation | Depreciation Area

Interview Questions :: CDS Posted By : praveen bisht

:Q: why u want to become an officer ?UR presently serving as soldier.

A :: I am serving as a soldier and i want to become an officer why ? Because firstly i want to make my parents proud And those 2 stars on my shoulders i want proof my friends my society ...that i can also achieve what i want to I like there standard of living

Interview Questions :: Web Design Posted By : parmendra

:Q: Wht is a CSS File? It is used for what purpose

A :: CSS ( Casecading style Sheets) gives the attractive look of the web pages. Such as color ,page layout , fonts etc.


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