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Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherPosted By : madhu

:Q: Accounting related interview questions on ibm

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: Do you know SAP VMS(Vehicle Management System)

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: Do you know the S/4 HANA?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: How to find the Table name for the Specific Field?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: Where will find the Variants?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: How to Monitor the Batch Jobs?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: Can we assign more than one Shipment Cost in Delivery Type?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: Where we can activate Rebates?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: What is the Structure of the IDoc?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: What are the Issues faced while creating Delivery & Shipment Execution?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: In Material Master, in which tab you will find the Loading Group?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: Explain Inter company Sales process

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: where will movement type get assigned?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: How to manage Payment terms in Credit Management?

Interview Questions :: SoftwarePosted By : rajkumar

:Q: How Accounting determination happened?

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Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : reddy

:Q: Tell me the story of the last movie u saw?

A :: recently i have seen the movie called chithralahari,i saw so many movies but i like this movie very much because in this movie a moral message is given.the message in that movie was waiting for success and happily taken the failure.every failure is a step for to go to success so every one don't dissappoint about failure and wait for success in patience then the success will comes infront of u this is the moral message of the chitralahari movie so i like this movie.

Interview Questions :: Electronics Communications Posted By : xxx

:Q: How many un-protected FlexiHopper links can be operated with one FIU19(E) with Flexbus plug-in unit?

A :: 3

Interview Questions :: SAP FI CO Posted By : venkata

:Q: Best faculty for SAP -FICO in Hyd

A :: What is the address and contact no of Ramesh Choudary

Interview Questions :: Analytical Chemistry Posted By : pramod devrari

:Q: What is the reason for using the 900ml of dissolution medium

A :: not necessary that it should be 900 ml it depend on our sink condition means the drug should not saturated in ur media. in usp 3 apparatus ur not using that much media conclusion:- DEPENDS ON DRUG SOLUBILITY AND SINK CONDITIONS

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : wasif

:Q: Tell me something about ur school days?

A :: School days which was one of the most golden days of i my life. Which i gonna miss. Whenever i think about it. Its make me emotional. Its what just cauple of walks from my home i used to walk with my friends everyday and its was one of my best active days of my days. Teachers was very strick in matter of homework, attendence, playing activitie. They always consider me as a good student. Whenever i Crosses or see my school it never change all every things doors, windows, playground, canteen are same as it was

Interview Questions :: ETL Posted By : kvikas2056

:Q: what is the advantage of persistent cache? when it should be used?

A :: If you are using multiple look up transformations on same table, at that time you can use persistent named cache.

Interview Questions :: C++ General Posted By : favour chidimma okpara

:Q: What are advantages and disadvantages of Design patterns?

A :: advantage of drafting Patten. 1)they are cheap disadvantage of drafting Patten. 1)it is used to one person that is only the owner.

Interview Questions :: Botany Posted By : surya

:Q: what is the difference between dichogamy and herkogamy?

A :: DICHOGAMY - In bisexual flower - When androcium and gynoecium mature at different times such comdition is called dichogamy .

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : owaiz shaik

:Q: why one year gap in graguation?tell me in brief.

A :: Hardships r part of life . I faced lows of life during this period of gap in my resume . I was unable to find a job after completed my graduation. During this period . I researched a lot about the ways to crack an interview. Improved my communication skills and grooming . I also did some free courses from the internet. I was preparing myself for a job at the time

Interview Questions :: Manual Testing Posted By : chirag bansal

:Q: What is test case of dustbin ?

A :: 1. It can be checked for leak proof 2. Test with hot water to check whether the material withstand 3. Test with passing electricity, it should be shock proof 4. Test with very chilled water and it should withstand with that 5. Daily used material which are thrown as garbage, shouldn't have any chemical reactions which produces hazardous gases or other material 6. Check strength of dustbin by putting weights 7. If it's a pedal lift dustbin, check if it's working fine or not 8. Test if the material is rustproof 9. Specifications test, like colour,shape, size,capacity is correct 10. check for stain proof behaviour of material 11. Check for fire proof behaviour of dustbin.


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