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:Q: A DP transmitter is used to measure the level of an open tank. The drain line of the tank is connected to a control valve, and is configured as, if the level of the tank is 90% the valve should get open 10%. And if the tank level is 10%, the valve should get open 90%. Draw wiring diagram and explain how to configure DP transmitter and control valve using HART communicator. If the span error at output is 1%, what will be the %opening of the control valve at 60% level of the tank?

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : david

:Q: A valve in series with an orifice plate (DP transmitter), is aligned for constant pressure in the pipeline, if there is an error dx, How to align it in process.

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : afii900

:Q: What is entry of Dishonored cheque issued to supplier

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : pandiyan

:Q: if the motor rated speed is 950rpm. how to change the above rated speed? is it possible?

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : marvin thas

:Q: Which type of pneumatic control valve is used mostly Either Air to Open r Air to close the value And guys I need reason for your reason

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:Q: How to perform a DC resistance test In Alternator and their proceduces?

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:Q: April-25 Paid to Mr. Y in full Settlement by Cheque Rs. 4800. April-26 Received a cheque from Mr. B in full settlement Rs. 4900.

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherPosted By : mukesh mandal

:Q: how to maintain E-Commerce companies accounts

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : mukesh mandal

:Q: how to pass interest on security entries and salary payable entries in tally and how to maintain e-commerce company account please revert me ASAP its needful for me

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringCompany : eCentric Solutions

:Q: Basic motor transformer generator

Interview Questions :: TaxationPosted By : lokeshrao

:Q: Which form used for registration in GST?

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : kangchuentat

:Q: ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.33 : An engineering corporation that produces a type of healthy food has A number of shares of $B preferred stock and C number of shares of $H common stock outstanding. In a typical financial year, let the net income obtained = D. The amount retained by the corporation = E. (a) Calculate the amount of money distributed to the shareholders if : (i) D > E; (ii) D = E; (iii) D < E. (b) Let preferred dividend = F, common dividend = G, CH > G. Find the values of F and G, in term of A, B, D and / or E when : (i) (D - E) > AB; (ii) (D - E) < AB; (iii) (D - E) = AB.

Interview Questions :: Banking FinancePosted By : wiki13

:Q: Reasons of Nifty Fluctuation in details ?

Interview Questions :: SAP SecurityPosted By : i786nam

:Q: What does the account assessment category specify in a purchasing requisition in SAP Materials Management?

Interview Questions :: SAP SecurityPosted By : i786nam

:Q: What does the account assessment category specify in a purchasing order in SAP Materials Management?

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:Q: There are 20 bottles, one is poisoned. If a person take a sip of that poisoned bottle, he will die in next 10 hrs. A doctor is ready to check which is poisoned among 20 with the help of mice in 16 hrs. How many minimum number of mice he needed?

A :: The answer is 5. Cannot explain without a table. Little digital logic truth table is used. With 5 rats you can check from 17 to 32 bottles. 2^4 <= 20 > 2^5. Therefore answer is 5.

Interview Questions :: Instrumentation Posted By : david

:Q: If we increase D what will be the controller action?

A :: In PID P is Propositional means it will adjust the output propositional to the error. For example a Tacho connected to a motor, to control it's Torque and RPM at a constant level. I is Integral means calculating the area, according to the area of the error the output is adjusted. For example, the difference between positive cycle area and negative cycle area. D is differentiation means calculating the angle difference and driving output for example In a 3-phase system, If the load on R-phase is more than other two phases, phase angle difference will occur so it will calculate the angle and drive output For example Auto Power factor adjuster.

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : raj

:Q: what would be compressive strength of cube for 7 days if design mix of M15

A :: 69.3% of 15 Kn/m ,Strength of concrete

Interview Questions :: SQL PLSQL Posted By : pradeep

:Q: Difference between aggregate function and analytical function?

A :: aggregate function - it returns only single value and (aggr Fun are Min,Max,Count,Sum,Avg) analytical Function - it returns more than one value and (Analy fun are, string,date, numeric,conversions, and miscellaneous)

Interview Questions :: APPSC AllOther Posted By : renu

:Q: While making the Indian constitution, the idea of the Concurrent List was borrowed from (1) The Canadian Constitution (2) The Constitution of Australia (3) The Constitution of Ireland (4) The Constitution of Weimar Germany

A :: australian constitution

Interview Questions :: SQL PLSQL Posted By : noor

:Q: display null value rows with out using null function?

A :: Select Empno, Decode (Comm,Null,0,Comm) Comm From Emp; Select Empno, Case When Comm Is Null Then 0 Else Comm End Comm From Emp

Interview Questions :: Everything Else AllOther Posted By : ritesh kr.

:Q: Which ruler get the title "laksh baksh"

A :: Qutb ud din aibak

Interview Questions :: Tourism Hotel AllOther Posted By : someswar

:Q: why you join hotel industry?

A :: I believe management is the key to a successful business.With constant development in the hospitality industry, Hotel management course can go a long way in improving the existing business.

Interview Questions :: Tourism Hotel AllOther Posted By : ankush chautala

:Q: why you join the hotel industry?

A :: i have choosen the hotel line bacause of many reasons , i love to interact with new people and in hotel line, people from different tradition ,culture and from different country work together under one roof to serve the guest and on the other hand hotel industries are the only sector which is increasing day by day and will increase in future also . Hotel line is the line where a person can get more money in less time........

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : shah shahid

:Q: The largest cell in the human body is 1 Nerve cell 2 Muscle cell 3 Liver cell 4 Kidney cell

A :: largest cell of the human body is egg cell and smallest cell of the human body is sperm cell


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