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Interview Questions :: Data StageCompany : Cognizant

:Q: Can you implement SCD2 using join, transformer and funnel stage?

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringCompany : MEIL

:Q: brickwork labour rate per cum ?

Interview Questions :: Business AdministrationPosted By : abhi

:Q: if you faced any problem being in your past/present organisation as a seo executive please mention how you have solved this problem

Interview Questions :: Human ResourcesCompany : AAA

:Q: Company development & Employee motivation & Salary Statement Preparing

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringCompany : Thirumalai Chemicals

:Q: What is chemicals?

Interview Questions :: PharmacyCompany : Aurobindo

:Q: How many types of impurites in Related compound test?

Interview Questions :: GeneticsPosted By : girija shaw

:Q: Different between back cross and test cross

Interview Questions :: Visual Basic CodePosted By : sandeep

:Q: Write a script to delete all the files in a folder except one desired file.

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : sibonakaliso mzebetshana

:Q: 1.4 What is meant by CT knee point voltage and how would you determine it

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : sagil

:Q: 1hp single phase load = howmuch 3 phase load

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : sohail ahmad khan

:Q: if there are six generators (3 gas CATT, one Jenbacher o1 MW each, and two nos Diesel 01 no 01 mw other 0.65mw EDGs ( say), 3 CAtt gas set have identical pole pitch,01mw EDG and Jenbacher gas Set have different pole pitch, how their power connection can be done to connect a common bus bar during installation. in short, how different pole pitched generators power connection can be done to connect a common busbar system through generators incomer ACBs.

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : nelson

:Q: what's the difference between impress cash account and petty cash account

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : kangchuentat

:Q: ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.37 : A biochemical engineering professional applies 5-step Du Pont formula in the accounting. Let Net Income = A, Earning Before Tax (EBT) = B, Earning Before Interest, Tax (EBIT) = C, Net Sales = D, Total Assets = E, Shareholders Equity = F. Let Tax Burden = A / B = 0.75, Interest Burden = B / C = 1.05, EBIT Margin = C / D = 0.27, Asset Turnover = D / E = 0.66, Return on Equity = A / F = 0.37. (a) Calculate the value of Leverage = E / F. (b) If AB + BC + CD + DE + EF = $$ 141932, find the values of A, B, C, D, E and F.

Interview Questions :: QTPCompany : Tech Mahindra

:Q: How to get popup error message.

Interview Questions :: QTPCompany : Tech Mahindra

:Q: What if recovery scenarios is also failed for identify the alert ? (We are handling unexpected popup through recovery scenarios but if still recovery scenarios also failed than what should be the approach)

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Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : haseeb khan

:Q: how did you celebrated ur last birthday?

A :: My birthday was celebrated on 5th April. I woke up at early in the morning at 6am and got fresh, went for morning walk. Then I took a shower. This time I was out of my home town and was missing my family. Meanwhile I received call from my parents n they blessed me for long live, success and good career ahead. I started receiving calls back to back from my friend, family member and relatives . They all wished me.I took my break fast and left for office at 11 am. As soon as I reached my office, all my colleagues started wishing me for my birthday. They also arranged cake cutting ceremony for me. I was very happy and delighted to see this. My boss allowed me to leave the office early at 6pm. I reached at my flat at 7 pm. I was feeling lonely and isolated while taking rest. At same time I got a call from my friend Shakil to come to his home. When I reached there, I was completely surprised to see a group of my friends sitting over there. They all hugged and wished me one by one. Then we went out to a restaurant where we cut the cake ant it was distributed to all. Some friend also rubbed it on my face. Then we had a wonderful dinner party. We came back at 11 pm and left for our home. That's how I celebrated my last birthday.. That's all. Thanks!!!

Interview Questions :: QTP Posted By : yadagiri

:Q: how to associate object repository during runtime in qtp

A :: Dim qtpApp Set qtpApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") Dim qtpRepositories Set qtpRepositories = qtApp.Test.Actions("Main").ObjectRepositories qtpRepositories.Add("D: s.tsr")

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : nithin

:Q: how to check IR values in alternator winding?

A :: Insulation resistance of alternator is checked using a megger and before measuring it the connections to the protective devices like CT,PT and also the connection to the AVR to be disconnected. Then the star connection of the winding to be disconnected ,then we can check IR value

Interview Questions :: Manual Testing Posted By : darshan

:Q: 1)how can you perform load testing in manual testing 2)what is deliverable?

A :: It depends upon the client for whom we are creating a software. If he wishes that only navigation actions are enough and for a few records, then load testing can be performed manually and result is fair enough to satisfy client but not accurate. For Limited data and limited Resources this is applicable.

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : gobi

:Q: what r Grid stations?what r there role.Explain in detail

A :: grid stations means one or two power stations are connected together to reduce the maximum electricity demand. so its means used for load sharing... and avoid the power shut down.

Interview Questions :: APPSC AllOther Posted By : suman

:Q: . Which one of the following was dissolved before the expiry of its normal term? (1) First Lok Sabha (2) Fourth (3) Sixth Lok Sabha (4) None of these

A :: C sixth lok sabha

Interview Questions :: Accounting General Posted By : vikram batra

:Q: what is difference cash flow and fund flow with example

A :: The statement of cash flows is part of the main group of financial statements that a business issues, though it is commonly considered to be third in importance after the income statement and balance sheet. The statement can be of considerable use in detecting movements of cash that are not readily apparent by perusing the income statement. For example, the income statement may reveal that a business earned a large profit, while the statement of cash flows shows that the same business actually lost cash while doing so (probably due to large investments in fixed assets or working capital). Thus, cash flow analysis is useful for determining the underlying health of a business. The funds flow statement was required under GAAP from the period 1971 through 1987. The statement primarily reported changes in an entity's net working capital position between the beginning and end of an accounting period. Net working capital is an entity's current assets minus its current liabilities.

Interview Questions :: Oracle General Posted By : anonymus

:Q: what are corelated subqueries

A :: In a SQL database query, a correlated subquery (also known as a synchronized subquery) is a subquery (a query nested inside another query) that uses values from the outer query. Because the subquery may be evaluated once for each row processed by the outer query, it can be inefficient.

Interview Questions :: MySQL Posted By : pravallika

:Q: What is the maximum length of a table name, database name, and fieldname in MySQL?

A :: 64

Interview Questions :: Manual Testing Posted By : sathis kumar s

:Q: What is smoke testing?

A :: The smock testing is done by the wide range and it is the shallow manner of application to be check. 2 if test case should not be change Ex We can choose the one application for online off to word converter . The flow of conversion fiction should be working or not 1.file open upload button as 5.rename


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