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Interview Questions :: Electronics CommunicationsPosted By : sufian

:Q: convert the given expression to infix expressions 1) * AB CD 2) AB*CD*

Interview Questions :: EngineeringPosted By : karuna shanker pandey

:Q: why water first pass to sac then sba

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : nationalid

:Q: Please why do we use 4-20ma in instrumentation engineering

Interview Questions :: SAP FI COCompany : PWC

:Q: Can you please explain the process of DMEE.

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : rahulshankardeshbhratar

:Q: In which condition a vendor raise excise invoice & what are the effect of excise invoice on client ?

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : rahul deshbhratar

:Q: In which term & condition excise invoice raises & for what excise invoice raise?

Interview Questions :: Business AdministrationPosted By : molly

:Q: 1. A group of friends go out to dinner one evening, they agree to share the R1120.00 bill evenly. However three members of the group forgot their wallets and cannot pay. The remaining friends have to pay an extra R84 to settle the bill. How many friends are in the group?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringCompany : Adweb

:Q: Why auxiliary transformers are not connected in parallel in primary stations?

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : aayush

:Q: Interest received 5,000 and still receivable Rs. 2,000 PLease give journal entry for this!

Interview Questions :: Oracle GeneralPosted By : manojkumar

:Q: HI Friends Myself Manoj,i am from bengaluru.i have 1 yr of exp in PLSQL but not upto the attending interviews but m not able to clear even 1 round..i have attended 3 interviews till today.purpose of writing this query is,i want to know the intreview topics that interviewer going to ask frequently,mainly SCENARIO based questions.IF anybody have any PLSQL projects please give it to me,it will helps me alot.Thanks for your patience.

Interview Questions :: SAP FI COCompany : KPMG

:Q: We have two diffferent bank accounts in our System that is icici bank & citi bank but the vendor wants us to pay him 100000 from two different accounts that is from axis bank and union bank so how we should configure in our sap system so that we can pay to vendor through App.

Interview Questions :: SAP FI COCompany : KPMG

:Q: The Vendor have two different bank accounts in sap one in citi bank and another is hdfc bank but now the vendor demands that the company should pay him in two different bank accounts that is from ICICI Bank and Axis Bank but this banks are not configured in the system so how we should pay the required amount to vendor through APP. Please give me the required Suggestions.

Interview Questions :: Industrial EngineeringPosted By : anshu

:Q: Why we use pneumatic instrument.

Interview Questions :: Industrial EngineeringPosted By : anshu

:Q: How we install and terminate the wire of pressure transmitter and temprature transmitter. Give full explanation.

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : silambumalar

:Q: L&T construction mechanical questions

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Interview Questions :: CICS Posted By : saths

:Q: What is MDT? What are FSET, FRSET ?

A :: Suppose you display a map and consider the function of that map is to update.To update ,first u fetch a particular record with some id(primary key) . Suppose there are 3 field name ,mark 1, mark2 and you Just updating mark1 alone.Then Mdt for name = 0 Mark1 = 1 Mark2 = 0 , So that only mark1 get updated . Name and mark2 will be null. In order to avoid that we go for fset Fset will set mdt value for all feild as 1 So ur update will processed perfectly.So, ur name and mark2 will be same as pervious value. Frset is used to set mdset = 0 for all feild.

Interview Questions :: SAP ABAP Posted By : shafeeq

:Q: 4.why dont use start form in script?

A :: in driver programm calling multiple script forms.

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : b r rajbhar

:Q: 11kv has three live wires how much voltage is in its single wire(leaving the other two wires)

A :: Its depend on connection mean star or delta connection if star connection to 11kv/1.732 and delta connection same voltage of 3wire 11kv.

Interview Questions :: Analytical Chemistry Posted By : kizar ahamed

:Q: Why pH range is 1-14 nt more than 14???

A :: pH range depends upon auto ionization of solvent if water is a solvent pH range is 1to 14

Interview Questions :: Instrumentation Posted By : king khan

:Q: So I'm a first year apprentice and I'm having a tough time with knowing the difference between AI, AO, DI, DO. I'm having a hard time understanding what devices are which and why. Can someone explain this to me?

A :: Yes

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : ashish

:Q: what do u mean by elongation & flakiness of aggregate?

A :: Flakiness index is the % weight of particle whose size is 0.6 times greater than the mean particle size ... Moreover flakiness means where a particle or body whose 2 dimensions are bigger as compared to 3rd.. And elongation index is the % weight of thise particle whose avg size of particle is 1.8 times the mean size in sample taken..and in this 1 dimension is larger as compared to others2..

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : suzy

:Q: Speak on a memorable moment in your life for 5 mnts?

A :: Hi friends! so now I'm going share my memorable moment in my life..when i was in B-tech final year i met a guy who is topper of my college and he is a son of college director.I thought he become topper because of his father's illegal i stated hating him by ignoring his talks and looks.One day he came to me and asked that why are you ignoring me? then i said" you are completely depend on your father if you continue like this then you'll never come up in your future".suddenly if felt annoyed and started shouting at me that you are not good at studies and why are pointing at me ..later i realized that he is good in studies and he lives in hostel due his personal problem..At that time i understood and one thing never ever judge or point out anyone just by looking at them and listening to other ..why I'm saying that this is my memorable moment because it was day i realized that before judging someone just think what you are.....

Interview Questions :: Instrumentation Posted By : faiyaz

:Q: Can anybody explain what is the different between ESD & PLC

A :: ESD means emergency shutdown valve its used in flow line its generally fully open and fully closed its control by the dcs system when plant would need to be maintenance or any thing will happen in side the plant ESD valve will be closed. PLC stand for programmable logical controller its industrial computer system which is used to monitoring and control the input output system

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : gouthami

:Q: Through which one of the following countries the Tropic of Cancer does not pass through? (a) Bangladesh (b) China (c) Myanmar (d) Nepal

A :: Myanmar

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOther Posted By : reji

:Q: What is Mortgage & Mortgage loan

A :: mortgage is a legal agreement by which bankers, builers,society etc. lends money at interest in exchange for taking title that the deptors property. mortgage is a dept instrument.


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