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Interview Questions :: EngineeringPosted By : mulugeta

:Q: i want to design tap changer for 15kv to 0.4kv steepdown transformer then how can i calculate tap number required

Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryPosted By : omprakash saini

:Q: Why 162 mg NaOH used for 1N volumetric solution in 150 ml water then 54.5 ml diluted with 1000 ml

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : ram

:Q: What is the function of a neutral reactor.

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : mansi

:Q: Major difference between SQL override and Lookup Sql override

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : james

:Q: Hi, Is there any smart plant instrumentation design training institute in Bangalore?

Interview Questions :: SAP FI COPosted By : sandra kuba

:Q: What is a ZM entry, is it recorded in the general ledger, and what does it do?

Interview Questions :: Manual TestingPosted By : akhila

:Q: Zenq interview questions for manual testing

Interview Questions :: SAP FI COPosted By : aruna

:Q: difference between base line date and value date?

Interview Questions :: Health Pharma AllOtherPosted By : prashant a. sorte

:Q: How to preform dissolution profiling

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : veerpal

:Q: What is Meter MF if External CT Ratio is 150/1 , PT Ratio is 132/110 Meter CT Ratio is 200/1 & Meter PT Ratio is 110/1

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : arun gundgal

:Q: which cable is used for 15 Hp monoblock pump 3phase and service wire Distance is 210 feet please tell me cable size Armaured

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : mir asiul islam

:Q: What types of question are done for diploma students in aptitude test

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherPosted By : korede

:Q: Enter the following in the petty cash book, using appropriate expenditure column headings. the book is kept in the the amount of imprest system. the amount of imprest is #40,000

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : suman ghosh

:Q: Proprietor paid amount of Rs. 11060/- for car insurance. Pass Journal.

Interview Questions :: SQL PLSQLPosted By : shipra gupta

:Q: what are sequences

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Interview Questions :: Operating Systems General Concepts Posted By : vishal saraswat

:Q: What is cache memory?

A :: Cache memory is a high accessing speed type small capacity memory . It is used to compensate the speed difference between processor and main memory and is also used between them..

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : ceaser

:Q: Which one of the following is INCORREC in respect of Parliamentary control over the budget? (a) Parliament has no say in the preparation of the budget (b) Parliament has the power to increase expenditure charged on the Consolidate Fund (c) Parliament has no power to impose a tax without the President?s recommendation (d) Parliament has no power to increase a tax without the President?s recommendation

A :: (b) Parliament has the power to increase expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund. Explanation: Expenditure Charged on the Consolidated Fund cannot be voted by Parliament. Hence it cannot be increase or decrease. It can only be discussed. Thus Parliament has no power over Charged Expenditure. The Budget statement also contains Demands for grants of each and every ministry and these demands for grants are up for vote in the parliament. If voted in favor, the demand for grants are met by Expenditure made from the Consolidated Fund of India. As these are votable, the Parliament has the power to increase or decrease them.

Interview Questions :: General Aptitude Posted By : vijay sharma

:Q: Why 3 comes after 2 And 2 comes after 1 ?

A :: Because the differrence is 1 and scientists were found these

Interview Questions :: General Aptitude Posted By : siva

:Q: Mr. Shah decided to walk down the escalator of a tube station. He found that if he walks down 26 steps, he requires 30seconds toreach the bottom. However, if he steps down 34 stairshe would onlyrequire 18 seconds to get to the bottom. If the timeis measured fromthe moment the top step begins to descend to thetime he steps offthe last step at the bottom, find out the height ofthe stair way in steps?

A :: If he walks 26 steps , he requires 30 sec to reach bottom. If he walks 34 steps he requires 18 sec to reach bottom. So walking (34-26)=8 steps he requires (30-18)= 12 secs. In one sec he walks ( 8/12)= 2/3 steps 34 steps requires 18 sec so 2/3* 18 =12 In remaining 18 secs he walks 12 steps 34+12 = 46 steps

Interview Questions :: Taxation Posted By : priya

:Q: Sir, My company was formed in the Financial Year 2007-08 and during the year there is primary work i.e. instalation and sitattion work carried on. Now, the Company has started the Production activity form the Financial Year 2008-09 i.e. 14/04/2008. The question is that if the company is entitled to get the Addition depreciation U/s. 32?

A :: Additional depreciation can be only on the new plant and machinery, NEW. Not pre hand. Can be claimed. In the year of purchase. If u have not claimed in the former year, u cannot claim it in the next year....there are too many provisions, read it.

Interview Questions :: VLSI Posted By : rajesh

:Q: What is the build-in potential?

A :: The built-in potential in a semiconductor equals the potential across the depletion region in thermal equilibrium. ... It also equals the sum of the bulk potentials of each region, since the bulk potential quantifies the distance between the fermi energy and the intrinsic energy.

Interview Questions :: Load Runner Posted By : narasaraju

:Q: What are the components of LoadRunner?

A :: 1) Virtual User Generator 2) Controller 3) Analysis and 4) Load Generator 5) Agent processor

Interview Questions :: C Posted By : amalu

:Q: main() { int a=4,b=2; a=b<<a + b>>2; printf("%d", a); }

A :: 32

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : ramesh baraskar

:Q: What is the difference between PLC & DCS?

A :: PLC means Program logic control and DCS means distribution control system PLC is limited I/O available and DCS system is no of I/O available.

Interview Questions :: Search Engine Optimization SEO Posted By : bushra

:Q: How does the submission process work? - SEO

A :: Submission is a way to build a one way backlink for your website. This helps to generate traffic to your website and also helps to build your website visibility in search engines.


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