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IBM Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What are the types of Invoices , what is prepayment & steps to apply it to an Invoice ?

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What are the Distribution Type while entering the Invoice?

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What's the difference between the "Payables Open Interface Import" Program and the "Payables Invoice Import" program?

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What is Debit Memo & Credit Memo in Payables?

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What is Proxima Payment Terms?

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What will accrue in Payables?

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What is Tolerance?

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What is Aging Periods?

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What is a Payable Document?

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What are the tables associated with Invoice?

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Which interface tables are used for Invoice Import , give the important columns?

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What is 2 way , 3 way and 4 way matching?

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How you will transfer payables to general ledger?

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You created a set of book , where you will attach this SOB in AP?

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What is use of AP Accounting Periods?

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IBM Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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