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IBM MQSeries Interview Questions
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Is it possible to retrieve a message from a Dead letter Queue? If possible how?

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I am having 4 years of exp in S/w Testing. I am planing to change my technologies. recently I learnt MQ series. I am looking for FAQ's . Please Help me anyone.


where the error logs in Appear in Z/OS?

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which queue having current queue depth should be greater than zero?

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what is the difference between mq version 6 and 7

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How will you configure SSL in Linux ans AIX? please give proper explanation with commands.

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How will u edit qm.ini?explain in commands in linux ans solaris

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How you change the logprimary files,logsecondary files?where you change? explain in commands?

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Maximum connections reached,how you know that and how you verify that?which type of alert you will get?


what is default connection? and max connections will give to QueueManager.?

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explain cold startup?

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In cluster queue manager losed.which type of precautions you take??

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One server how many qmgrs will create?

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How to mq in linux? explain clearly

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What is a Backout queue What is the difference between Back out queue and Dead Letter queue

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IBM MQSeries Interview Questions

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