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IBM Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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merge sort time complexity

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what is the draw back of Power builder


How can you incorporate a Datawindow to a Oracle8i stored procedure?


What is the difference between procedure -oriented language and object oriented language?

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hi friends please tel me how to handle the recovery manager(All i.e PopUp ,Application Crach ,Object state,etc) in QTP

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1) How can u create the table?


Code for display the images from drive using vb 6.0?

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SAS using companies in INDIA

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what is lazy loading in hibernate?Explain in detailed manner?

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what is meant by trigger?

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design a counter with the following repeated binary sequence: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 using JK Flip Flop.

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how to run servlets in eclipse 3.3.2....if we choose file->new->servlet then after that it is showing javax.servlet.* ...cannot be avoid this error any external jar file is to be added? please help me regarding this issue........thank u

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sample and simple coding where we get?


1.what is the vesition managment.


I m Abdullah Ansari compleated MCA from Jamia Hamdard,i have appeared the test of IBM on 2 august at oxford college of engineering Bangalore.waiting for hr round.. This is the first round for IBM.02/08/08 Paper consists of 4 sections 15 questions from matrices(time very less but no negative marking). 25 questions from series completion section (this section is very easy but negative marking) 15 questions from aptitude(little bit tough time limit 15 minute negative marking) 4th section is from computer science (c,c++,operating system,digital electronics ,basic question..) result came at 3 o'clock.i was selected... In interview they asked questions like 1 they asked about final yr project.. 2 what are dynamic and static memory location? 3 linked list and array difference between them. 4 what is function ? what is difference betwen function and inline function? 5 about structure 6 about binary tree, traversal, call by value. 7 storage class and many more basic questions..


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IBM Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions

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