Dot Net Interview Questions
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Explain the .NET architecture.

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How many languages .NET is supporting now?

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How .NET is able to support multiple languages?

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How ASP .NET different from ASP?

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Resource Files: How to use the resource files, how to know which language to use?

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What is smart navigation?

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What is view state?


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What is .NET Framework?

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Is .NET a runtime service or a development platform?

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What are the new features of Framework 1.1 ?

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What is CLR? How it will work?


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What is MSIL, IL, CTS?

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What is JIT and how is works?

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What is strong name?

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What is portable executable (PE)?

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Waht is Dot net Arcitecture


what user controls are and what server controls are and the differences between the two.


What is Code group in .Net with respect to CAS


How do you apply specific formatting to the data inside the cells?


If we write any code for DataGrid methods, what is the access specifier used for that methods in the code behind file and why?


if there are two application 1 and 2 having a variable x in both app if client1 changes value of x in 1 app client 2 want reads the value of x from 2 app what resultant value will he get


Sql Queries: A Table will be given Omiting Duplicate rows and adding a new column


How to Create and Consume a Web Service?


Describe the difference between inline and code behind which is best in a loosely coupled solution?


What is cyclomatic complexity and why is it important?


The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached.How I can Solve this problem when i using crystal report to load from my application.


What is Polymorphism? How does VB.NET/C# achieve polymorphism?


How to instantiate a delegate?


what is polymorphism and advantage ?


how barcode print on the win form