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IBM Shell Script Interview Questions
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write a shell script to identify the given string is palindrome or not?

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What does $# stand for?

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How do you print the output the same string which is typed in command line. how do you write the shell script or command for this. if i entered "Hello" in command line, it should print 'Hello', if i say "Hello Welcome", i should get the "Hello Welcome" as output.?

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Script S1 (which copies .dat files from one directory1 to another directory2) run continuously. Write Script S2 which kills S1 first, compresses all .dat files in directory1 and directory2 successfully, re-run Script S1 and stops self i.e. S2.

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write a shell script that counts a number of unique word contained in the file and print them in alphabetical order line by line?

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c program to display the information of given file similar to givan by the unix or linux command ls -l


How to find duplicate record in file using shell script?


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IBM Shell Script Interview Questions

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