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How you came to know about this company?

TCS, ICICI, Saint Gobain, Indian Army, XYZ,

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Where are you working currently?

Polaris, Al Mariah United Group,

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What is the company you are going to work in USA?

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What is your current salary?

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What is the salary you will get in USA?


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How many rounds of interviews the USA company conducted? What are they?

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Who had taken interview for you?


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Can you give me the dates of your interview?

Terra Infotech,

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Who are the clients for your USA company?

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What are the technologies you are working on?

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Who is the President/CEO of US company?

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What kind of projects US company is working on?

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What is the annual turn over of the company?

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How many employees in US Company?


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Why are you changing your Job?

Wipro, HCL, Cap Gemini, ICA, Saint Gobain,

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Where is your husband/spouse working in USA? (OR) Where is he working/located/staying in USA?




Can you give me the dates of your interview?


Hi, friends this is Rohit I have completed my in 2007 and I worked for 6 months in Brigade as Technical Support and now I want to gor for USA to persue my MS in comp science and I have written IELTS exam and I have 57% in with 10 backlogs, Are there any chance of getting VISA???


What are your short- and long-range goals and how do you expect to achieve them?


What if we dont have fire ceremony photographs?how to justify them?


Is your marriage registered?


what is procedure for prepare visa?


provide me the employees list?


hi..i am jalark patel..i got admission from fdu university.i am a dentist..i got refusal in visa twice..they r considering me as an potential immigrant as my sister is there on H1B status..they rejected me under usa immigration law 214 i m lilbit confused wat to do next???????is there any hope still alive for me to study there??? in interview that lady officer directly rejected me after hearing that my sister is der on H1B..i have a gud academic as well as financial background plus indian ties r gud but somehow they didnt give me visa..wat r dey wanting?? please suggest me as soon as possible..if it so den do v have to believe now dat if ur brother or sister is working there then u cant go there??? help me asap..waiting for kind reply..thank you..


What are the significant trends in the industry?


My Wife is working as Software engineer in one of the leading IT company , she already have approved L1 VISA , her company did not make use of it , we were trying to transfer her to USA directly through her company it does not seem to work , still not confirmed , now i am planning to bring my wife as depenedent(H4) to me , as i am in USA with H1 VISA , we have confusion , my wife not willing to resign until H4 is stamped , my doubt here is ,1. will a company allow to me apply for dependent VISA when she is working in a company ? 2. If they allow to process , if in case H4 is stamped ,she did not resign from job , if her company agrees to send her to USA using the same old company;s L1 , is it valid after getting H4 stamped ?


hi, would someone help me suggesting the best of my profile...i have gre-850,toefl-86,B.E-57 with 6 backlogs and my B.E duration was of 6yrs....been to usa on divorced...wat are my chances f1 visa stamping?


I have got H1B visa but i do not have a client letter. Is it possible for me to get visa stamped without client letter?.


Hi, am from AP state, India. I did MBA in logistics and worked for 1 year now iam not working from past 2 years due to family personal issues. Now I want to pursue ms in logistics from German or Sweden. My concern is whether they consider these 2,3 years gap in my education or not. Whether I will get a admission from universities like klu Hamburg or not. My academics are decent like I have 3/5 gpa in mba and 63% from and iam expecting my tofel 7. Please suggest me whether I can get an admission in klu or others with this gap or should I fake experience??