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How you came to know about this company?

TCS, ICICI, Saint Gobain, Indian Army, XYZ,

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Where are you working currently?

Polaris, Al Mariah United Group,

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What is the company you are going to work in USA?

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What is your current salary?

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What is the salary you will get in USA?


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How many rounds of interviews the USA company conducted? What are they?

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Who had taken interview for you?


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Can you give me the dates of your interview?

Terra Infotech,

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Who are the clients for your USA company?

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What are the technologies you are working on?

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Who is the President/CEO of US company?

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What kind of projects US company is working on?

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What is the annual turn over of the company?

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How many employees in US Company?


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Why are you changing your Job?

Wipro, HCL, Cap Gemini, ICA, Saint Gobain,

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i have done my M.C.A in 2007 and want to do M.S? If the couselar ask me about the why double degree wat reason should i mention.Give me the suggestion


what will do after completion of your course ?


I've been offered to study in the UK and am trying to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa, however, I don't have my father's information and he's not listed on my birth certificate. The online application requires his information.. any suggestions? I have no contact with my biological father and no records on him.


hi, i am permananent resident of usa i want to sponser my wife when i get my citizenship which is late 2011(apon advice of lawyer friend) my wife is coming to usa for education(f-1) only thing left in her student visa is her interview all her documents are complete she is coming for 4 year education program. only thing I am worried about is can they deny her visa based on that me(her husband) is in usa. I do know while she is studying in usa and i become citizen and sponser her she does not have to go back to her country even after her visa is expired. if they bring this point up in interview what could they ask and what should be best reply thank you very much


hi, i m going to take admission in ccac of Pittsburgh so please sujest me that may i get any problem for visa?


hi frndz. dis is pravin m going to atend visa interview my problem is here i hope you all sugest me. i did mba in india. now am gong to again pursuing mba.if vo vil ask why do you choose again mba what should i reply.


what will you do after completiing your MS?


Why are your GRE/ TOEFL scores low?


I have a valid H4 visa which I got last month. But now, I have got an onsite oppurtunity in my current project and my company would initiate L1B individual VISA for me. Will my H4 visa affect my L1B??


My student visa was rejected on 24th june.It was due to immigration file.VO thinks that i will not come back to india.I am going for bachelor's degree at pennstate under collaboration program.So if pennstate write a letter to US consulate regarding me that they are taking responsibility of me that i will return to india after my graduation.So what are my chances for visa?


why chose Findlay university for computer science?


tll me about Hyderabad traffic?


Does anyone know what kind of questions are asked by the US Embassy in Manila, to get working VISA for the USA?? Any one knows any kind of questions given by americans in the US Embassy in Manila? tnx guys


hi friends iam going for H4 interview along with my husband and 4 months daughter.iam a veterinary doctor though not working .so what kind of questions i could expect from vo officer. thanks in advance


how can a fresh graduate obtain an h1b visa?