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IBM SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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What is Referential Integrity?

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what is the difference between union and union all

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What are nested triggers ?

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how to check the 3rd max salary from an employee table?

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how to retrive only second row from table?

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what is a cursor

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which will fire first ? Trigger or Constraint

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How to improve the performance of a pl/sq stored procedures or functions or triggers and packages ?

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how to find the second highest salary from emp table?

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wht is the difference between sqlaserver2000 and 2005

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what is the difference between the query and corelated query

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How many database objects (trigger, packages, sequence etc) uses a particular field in a given table. For ex: I want to know how many database object uses the ATTRIBUTE1 in the PO_VENDORS table. What query will give me the result showing the database object name(package, trigger etc), field_name used (in this case ATTRIBUTE1) and table_name (in this case PO_VENDORS).

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suppose I have two table one Emp and other is dpt. Emp table has a field ,dept id,name ,sal and dpt table has a field dept id,dept name. Now I want to find out the emplyee list whose sal is between 2000-3000 from dept x.

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What does “select count(*) from tab” result?

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What does “select count(1) from tab” result?

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IBM SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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