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IBM Servlets Interview Questions
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How native code can be used in a servlet?


what are the way a client can be tracked?

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What is Server-Side Includes?

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In servlets, Why do we need both GET and POST method implementations?

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can i call init() method in destroy() method of servlset. ?

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can i call destroy() method in init() method of servlet

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How can a servlet refresh automatically if some new data has entered the database?

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what is meant by Transaction Isolation Levels?

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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The path of an ForwardConfig cannot be null while working with struts it displayed pls very ungent

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can we override service method in my servlet class..?? if yes or no why ??

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i need connection pooling code.....from

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can we use more than one controller in web application

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how JSP can extend servlet or interface ...?

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I Have A Plan to develop a Project in Struts,I want the template of struts project with Hibernate.Canany body provide me the required information?


what happens if we wont use destroy()?

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IBM Servlets Interview Questions

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