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IBM Networking Administration Interview Questions
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What?s the default CDP holdtime in seconds for Cisco routers? * 30 seconds * 180 seconds * 90 seconds * 60 seconds

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Which layer is responsible for providing mechanisms for multiplexing upper-layer application, session establishment, and tear down of virtual circuits? * Session * Network * Physical * Transport * Application * Presentation

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Why am I getting this error messege when I'm trying to Sincronize user accounts....ERROR MESSEGE- Invalid Target

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I am to introduce a new financial product through nationalised Banks.How I could monitor the dealings,ie.payment made or withdrawn from the accounts of our clients and how the customers could read the details of their accounts through the mobiles.


What can we do in the active directory explain it details ?

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what is networking?

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what are the types protocols?

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what is swith,hub and router?

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what is tcp/ip? what is the use?

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what is dns? what is the use and advatages?

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what is dhcp? what is the uses and advantages?

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what is ads? main advantages ads?

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what is backuprecovery? what is the use?

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what is vpn ? and what is the main advatages?

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what is topologies?

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IBM Networking Administration Interview Questions

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