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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions
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i have 2 year experience in manual testing, if i am attending any interview what kind of question i will get?

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Differences Between Whitebox testing and Blackbox testing

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what is the difference between system development life cycle & software development life cyle(sdlc) what is system development life cycle

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need testing projects where can i find them


What is the difference between two tier and three tier architecture?

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What is two tier and three tier architecture?

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Hi! I got an interview call for the post of Trainee QA engg .The interview is on Monday(27/08/07).There is going to be a technical written test followed by an interview on Monday.Can anyone plz tell me what exactly is the technical written test for QA like,is it objective or theoretical based. PLZZZZZ reply as early as possible ---- Its URGENT. -- SK

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what is the main difference between client server and webserver???

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tell about build process???how do u get abuild?? what u l do when u get a build??

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Difference between Severity & Priority?

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What is Web architecture that are followed while doing online project and tell the samples of architecture?


What is testing methodology?

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What is a good requirement and bad Requirement

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what is the function generator?


Hallow friends, I have put more than 80 questions in QTP sub-category that were asked many reputed companies so that if you know the answers please post answers thank you, padmasekharpediredla

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Post New IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

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