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IBM Test Cases Interview Questions
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can u tell me how do we writetestcases for perfomance,load,And stress?

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pliz anyone give suggest me the test cases for shorting numbers in asc/desc order.

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Give examples of boundary value and equivalence partitioning test cases.

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how to test a UI and aslo we need to check a log data fil which gets populated in the db.for this two scenarios give me test cases


how we canwrite a test case on computer?

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testcases for biggest of three numbers?plz give the answer

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Sir I m student I mreading sytem testing as my core paper I want to know how I can make Test case for smple Login Form

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Write the Load test cases on a water bottle.

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If I have written the 10 Positive test cases first and Negative test cases 11 to 25 .I Execute +ve first & then - ve as per test cases were written .Now if I got the next build & if I write again +ve Test Cases 26-30 first & then - ve 31-35 but I have to execute all test cases 1 to 35.But here the sequence of execution is +ve,-ve,+ve & -ve .How should I maintain the test cases .Please tell me It's Urgent .Thanks In Advance.....Tester

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What is the basis on which you can check a text box in a web page or application?

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write testcase for sql table? this is the question asked by interviewer?

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tell testcase where it is taken and tell the title of the testcase? pls any answer the question?

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An Excel sheet contains 2rows and 3 columns of data.I want to copy these data in to the another excell sheet. Write the possible positive and negative test cases?


how to write junit testcase for ejb3.0 project.. pls reply soon to this mail id


please tel me how to write test case for search engine to track peoples,when user enter the city,state,zipcode(ex:Kansas city,Missouri,64155)? (note country is already selected as a united states )


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IBM Test Cases Interview Questions

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