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IBM Solaris Commands Interview Questions
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where we find bp.conf file? which path?

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how many clients have in our server ? how we find that?

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how to set ip address for a solaris machine

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How to check boot promt version from command prompt

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What are the packages for DNS?

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How can u configure DNS & configuration files

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What r the daemons for DNS , Veritas, Apache,NFS Server & Client 4How can u configure two DHCP and Two DNS servers r there and u have 100's of users then 1st system takes which DHCP server and which DNS sever 5 what is the use of NIS how can u configure 6 what is the use RAID and which is the best(Solaris) 7 in RAID 5 and RAID 0+1 which u will preffer (Veritas)

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How to configure domain controller in SAMBA using SOLARIS 10 OS and How to centralize domain name and creating users.How to share files for WINDOWS XP clients

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what is the difference between solaris 8&9,

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How we configure the veritas cluster server for solaris? what r the proceure we have to take configuration

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how to use the command "top" in solaris 10

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How will you comment error line in /etc/system file

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How to clear the failing flag on a veritas volume manager disk:

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What are the types of cluster configuration?

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What is the command to check the connectivity between 2 nodes

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IBM Solaris Commands Interview Questions

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