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IBM Clear Case Interview Questions
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Mention any 5 best SCM practices?

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what is the difference between operating system shell and clearcase shell?

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what is eclipsed file in clearcase? What is the solution? In what case it is called eclipsed file?

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What is the advantages of using clearcase tool instead of sharepoint with regards storing files?


How many aditional groups can be added in vob? How many for 32-bit? and how many for 64-bit OS?

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What is the deffrence between TCP and UDP?

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What is the default size of a brand new vob?

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Where do u specify the license host details when u setup the Clearcase for the first time?

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how to list all the co's by a user in different vobs through a single command

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what is differences between mvfs and ccfs in clearcase.

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IBM Clear Case Interview Questions

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