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IBM Oracle General Interview Questions
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How many different types of indexes we have in oracle?

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What is the difference between column level constraints and table level constraints?

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What is Normalization ?

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find out the third highest salary?

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a query to select maxmun 3 salaries of employee table

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Please explain the difference between outer join and inner join? With examples would be appreciable..!

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If a table column has is UNIQUE and has NOT NULL, is it equivalent to a PRIMARY KEY column?

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how will I find the first 5 highest salaried employees in each dept in oracle.

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If a table column has is UNIQUE and has NOT NULL, is it equivalent to a PRIMARY KEY column?

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In XIR2 if we lost the administration password .How can we regain the password?thanks in advance.


what is the difference between first normal form & second normal form?

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We have one Package(which has many function/procedures, SQL quires etc). Now we need to check, which query or procedure is taking lot of time in that Package. ? How do we do it.

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How to restrict the duplicate records in table valuesets

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How to remove a row in a database table?

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difference between procedures and function?

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IBM Oracle General Interview Questions

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