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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions
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what are various user types

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which ticketing tool you are using?

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Hi , Currently i am working in an MNC company as an SAP Security tier1 member , we will take care of User Administration , Profile/authorization administration activities .Could any one tell me , is i am eligible to apply for an SAP Security job for 2 years experience . Could any one tell me about SOD , SOX Audit and Virsa tool , i have never worked before . Prakash

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what is the procedure to delete a role?

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what is the advantage of cua from a layman/manager point of view?

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I want to see list of roles assigned to 10 different do you do it?

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How many maximum profiles we can assign to one user?

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Can anybody explain (short n simple) about SOX & SoDs with 3 examples for each functional module? n ur experience on SoDs.

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under description ; in creating a role what should be written over there ....what does ur company follows ??

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which role is commonly used

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what is role matrix

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What is use of System Task Tab on menubar in PFCG ?

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SAP R/3, BI, HR, EP Security, GRC AC 5.3, XI/PI Administration

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what is CUA ? wat are the steps required to configure it ? and then hou does it work ?

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what are the service market place activities from authorizations point of view ?

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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions

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