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IBM SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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What controls the Customer/Vendor master records field status?

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What is GR/IR account? Why do you maintain that? Explain the importance of GR/IR clearing account.

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How are revenues dealt with cost center accounting?

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tell me about Consolidation?

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Which are period end closing jobs in CO ...

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whats the difference between profit center and bussiness area?

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What is the difference between the R/3 4.6version to R/3 4.7version

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How you support the clients. Could you expalin me prcedure of loging the tockens and how do you intract to clients. Also hom many tockens you get in a day ( on an average).

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what r the problems faced during realtime support project if fico? how to solve it?


how do sd, mm & pp benefit from controlling?what is the need for sd, mm & pp in controlling?

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what is enterprise structure? what all comprises an enterprise structure?

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what is the intigration b/n fi-pp

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I wish to know the total procudure tht we follow for suppot project. i.e how we get the tickets and how we will send back to the client and the tool we use . ? and whts mainlly difference between 4.7 eee and 6.0 ecc and wht does ecc mean.?

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From G/L accounts data is not getting updated in special purpose ledger (data flow not happening for some company codes) what all may be the reasons ?? How to rectify it??

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What is the significance of GL Master data? What is the purpose of Mentioning the Field Status group in it?

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IBM SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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