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IBM Linux AllOther Interview Questions
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When you install RedHat what is the kernel mode ? What is kernel compilation / upgrade ?

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How do i check which nfs version I am using ????????

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How to apply patch for multiple servers .

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I have accidently deleted my fstab... how do i recover/ regenerate the file?????? in rescue mode i cannot create a new file since the filesystem is readonly and could not mount in readwrite mode ?????????

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what is the difference betweenh the NFS and FTP?

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what are the different types of Backups..?

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what is NIS Server...?

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commands regarding the adding of users into groups n different options with useradd...?

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In how many ways linux can be installed n explain th steps involved in installation in any of the method..?

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expalin the process of kickstart installation?

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what are the default permissions for files and folders..?

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cups stands for..?

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what is the difference between NIS and DNS...?

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what are acl permissions..? what is automation of jobs..?

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How can i recover the linux system after it was crashed by step by step process..

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IBM Linux AllOther Interview Questions

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