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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions
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What are presentation, application and database servers in SAP R/3?

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What is Bex?

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How u will apply OCS patches? If a user wants to execute a background job immediately but there is no Background work process available. How u will do? How you will do client copy? If SAP * user is not available at all in your system then how u will do client copy?

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What is Consolidation route and delivery routes? How to define Logon groups? And what is Logon load balancing? What is Transport domain and Domain controller?

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could u explain the transport steps (step by step) procedure?

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What is supplementation language?

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How to import the OSS notes?

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For an ABAP only system, do we have to SSL?

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What is the procedure involved in doing a system-copy?

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How to configure regular transactions such as MM01 to view archived data?

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How to monitor user accessed transactions (Tcode) day wise?

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What are common transport errors?

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What are the differences between application server and central instance?

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How to install multiple Central Instances on the same physical machine?

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1.What is memory management? 2. Define System Monitoring? 3.How many session's are there?

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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions

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