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IBM Silk Test Interview Questions
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How do you identify an exception is silk?

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Which tag in silk is the most reliable in a scenario where content and order of object change frequently?

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What statement in for test is used to transfer control of the script out of the innermost nested for, for each, while switch or selected statement?

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In for test there are three pass modes for function arguments. They are rarely used since pass mode always default to the most used one. Pls name them and specify which one is a default?

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Imagine you have a string variable that holder a credit card (16digit). There are multiple ways of obtaining last four digits of this number programmatically on a run time. Name one; for practical purpose variables name is sCCnumber?

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In "Property" the user-defied property can have two functions only, define that?

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What is the advantage of using do except instead of other error logging functions?

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What is the wait statement in Silktest?

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Any tools to test the performance of SQL Quarries and SP? If any one are using them please provide the site names or software names...

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IBM Silk Test Interview Questions

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