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IBM Struts Interview Questions
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Difference between JSF Framework and Struts Framework.

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Wat is Difference between Mvc1 architecture and Mvc2 Architecture?

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project architechture in java

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which MVC architecture struts follows and why?

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what is project architecture?give brief explanation about project architecture?

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What is the main difference between Mvc1 and Mvc2 Architecture??

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what is difference between and tag

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how handle when client send multiple request at atime for single servlet

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how handle when client send multiple request at atime for multiple servlets servlets?

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explain method overridding method overloding with examples?

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if u r using eclipse tool how can u debbaging u r application? plz explain with sample code

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In web.xml file instead of *.do can i write *.ibm, Specify with example

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How can I make own ActionServlet? with example

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Hi All thanks in advance, iam new to j2ee currently in my project we r using struts with hibernate can i have one sample application like CRUD application with code or any tutorials liks r ebooks plz....?

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how you provide security in your banking project

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IBM Struts Interview Questions

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