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advantage and disadvantage of bhopal tragedy


what is factor?


Upon starting as an Assistant General Manager, my employees tell me "they have always done things this way", when I suggest to them that I need changes made.


state the care that shall be taken while checking the diode


How many ways are there to read and write files?


List out the Types of Activities?


Define Pmrep command?


i cannot go to my computer to set up why?


Explain how to use ant-contrib tasks?


did anyone attended java 2+ exp interview in dec-2010?


You're tasked with implementing a computer player for a real-time strategy (RTS) game. Assuming that there is no fog-of-war, how do you implement a system to allow the computer player to determine what parts of the map are controlled by enemy players, and which parts are open to easy exploitation? How do you identify the choke points on the map? How do you find the boundary between the parts of the map under your control and the parts of the map controlled by enemy players? How do you detect an impending enemy attack or a change in an enemy's offensive posture?


how you can insert online video in powerpoint 2013?


Dear ones, Currently am doing job in a retail industry as a floor manager.But doing this job cuts you from your social life n' that's y i am somewhat depressed. Also i want to go in marketing related jobs (advertisements,marketing Promotions, etc)in any well known company but no to insurence field as well. what can i do then? Please suggest me, i am so much confused ! Pallav Verma Raipur (C.G.),India


What are the main features of hdfssite.xml?


Can Somebody tell me what should i do if i hadn't filled form for the next mahagenco exam for any new vaccency. if any one can provide me contact email to mail some one at mahagenco office, please mail me if any thing you can do on pratikgupta05yahoo.in