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Write down the template for test case.

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Write down the template for test case...

Answer / ch.s.m.prasad ,kkd

1. test case ID
2. test condition
3. test case description
4. Expected Result
5. Input data
6. Actual Result
7. Result(pass/fail)

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Write down the template for test case...

Answer / rajendra

1.TestCase ID 2.Test Description 3.Inputspec 4.expected
result 5. Actual result 6.Pass/Fail 7.Bug Id 8.Comments

still any one of have doubts regarding this concept feel
free to call or mail me


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Write down the template for test case...

Answer / k. siva b.e.(trichy engineerin

Hi everyone,

My answer for the template of test case would be

1. Test case id---- any name related to the projects.
E.g W-01 for Workshop related project
T-01 for telecom related protect

2. Test case description--- Here Write what you are going
to check

3. Test Steps-- Write down the steps like 1,2,3

4. Test Action-- write down the action to perform for that
test case to identify

5. Test data---- Give datas which has to be checked.

6. Expected Result-- Write the expectation of ur result
whether the appln should accept or reject the datas.

7. Actual Result--- Check out the result is as per the

8. Status--- Give whether the result is pass or fail
depending on expected and actual result.

Thanks. Hope this will be clear.

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Write down the template for test case...

Answer / sangeeta

test ase name:
requirment number:
release name:
module name:
pre condition:
test data:
post condition:
test case type:
brief description:
test case execution
step no,action,input,expected result,actual result,sttus,comment
approved by
approved date

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Write down the template for test case...

Answer / tvl

Test case id,UCDrefno,Description,Expected value,Actual
value,sevearity & priority

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