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IBM JCL Interview Questions
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What is a GDG

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How do you create a temporary dataset? Where will you use them?

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A PROC has five steps. Step 3 has a condition code. How can you override/nullify this condition code?

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What is the purpose and meaning of the REGION keyword and what JCL statement is it associated with?

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Why do you use a control card?

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How do you submit a JCL under CICS environment ?

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What is the parameter to be passed in the job card for the unlimited time , irrespective of the job class ?

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How to pass the temp dataset form one JOB step to another?

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What is NOTCAT 2

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What is COND=EVEN ?

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How many types of libraries are there in JCL ?

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How do you submit JCL via a Cobol program?

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If there are five steps in a JCL i have to execute the 3rd step, bypass the 4th step and execute the 5th step how do i do this?

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What is the difference between joblib and jcllib statements

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A maximum of 100 chars can be passed to Cobol through Parm in JCL, If we want to pass more than 100 Chars how we can do it ?

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IBM JCL Interview Questions

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