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IBM Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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Explain 'Software metrics'?

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What r all the risks u r facing while doing a project?


After working in development for six months, what made you to shift into testing? I faced this question several times.

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Why we go for automated tesing?

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Can nyone tell me about the testing certifications. I have planned to give a certification exam, but dont know which 1 is good.

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Hi All, This is regarding ETL testing. I have 3.5 years of experience in software testing. I have used web and DB testing so far. I am currently projected for ETL testing by using which is very new to me. We are using Informatica for running the sessions and taking the logs. I would like to know whats the process we have to follow for this testing. Ie., From kickoff to signoff. Can please anyone give brief explanation on that. Do we have any certification for ETL Testing??

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what is control sheet?

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what is the difference between verification and validation ?

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Anybody can suggest me, curretly i am searching for a job on testing but i relieved from old company this JUNE 3O. somebody is asking about this 1 month gap. what is the personal reason i have to tell, Anybody can suggest me in detail.. Thanks in advance...Laxman

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What is meant by Traceability Matrix?

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What is difference between JBOD and RAID?


What type of testing is preffered by many companies like Manual or Automation testing

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IBM Testing AllOther Interview Questions

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