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IBM Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What types of CMOS memories have you designed? What were their size? Speed? Configuration Process technology?


What types of high speed CMOS circuits have you designed?


what is transformer

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why it is important to earth neutral of 3 phase transformer?

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In DC motor,the field MMF is given by NI.N-no.of field winding turns,I-excitation and both are constant.Then how could the main flux decreases due to armature reaction.

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What is basic difference between Soft Starters And VFD drives?

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what is the function of starter & choke in the tube light set & how choke give 1000 volts while switching on.

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can SMPS work in DC supply ?

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which starter is used for synchronous motor

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Why capacitor bank does not require in DG Set?

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What is the Total Power generation Capacity in India at present ??

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What is Harmonics & what are its efect & which harmonic is dangerous

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what's the difference between induction generator and synchronous generator?

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why AC cannot to be stored and DC cannot be transmitted?

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why Line voltage =1.732XPhase voltage what mean by 1.732

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IBM Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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