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IBM TIBCO Interview Questions
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what is global variables?

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how we can send data through adb adapter in tibco bw?

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What are the types of encoding which BW follows?

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How many types of Global vaibles are there in BW?

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What is meant by process context varibale?

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What are the datatpes of Global varaibles which BW follows?

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What is the puprose of Job Shared varaibel or tell me about about job shared variable?

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How can we change Global variable deployment ? what is it defines?

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How can we import/Copy the custom palettes into another project?

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Once we have deployed the ear file in Tibco admin,In which location the data/service/properties will store

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If there are two sub processes then how can we call at a time one sub process dyanmiccally by using call porcess?

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By using whic BW palette we can create DB table?

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wht is custom id?

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what is alias file in TIBCO?

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what is the difference between soap and service?when we use service?

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IBM TIBCO Interview Questions

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