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IBM Load Runner Interview Questions
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what usually indicates that ur virtual user script has dynamic data that is dependent on u parameterized fields?

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What is RDR files in Load runner? What is Scenario Configuration in Load runner

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What is the scripting language using in LoadRunner?

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What is the Diffrence between Clint server & Web based application ? plz Explain in detail (Chandana)

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types of servers?Explin me plz(chandana)

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where we can see the graphs in Loadrunner when it is use ? (Chandana)

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In real time Project how much generaly Bottilneck will take? suppose my application contain 10000 vusers accessable how much Bottile neck will consider?

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Where we can analyse the perfomance graph in Loadrunner? (Chandana)

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what is think time when u will use it?

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how much memory will allocate for 1 vuser?

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How can i test the stress testing through loadrunner, Software is developed in .net & SQL 2005, plz assist me a loadrunner user?

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If we have 10 iterations and 20 user, we have to execute 1 iteration by 2 users ... what are the steps for above ?

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You do Scalability testing in Load testing or Stress testing?


What is Differed Bug?

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What is Rendezvous point? When u apply this?

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IBM Load Runner Interview Questions

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