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IBM Unix Commands Interview Questions
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What Command is used to make a directory?

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Give Command that will move a single file called "unix.txt"

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Give command that will make the file "" executable?

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Give Command that will change the name of a directly from paypal to eBay

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How does a user get the current date, time in UNIX?

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What Command will remove a Directory in UNIX?

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How does the user view the contents of a text file in UNIX?

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What command will bring user back to their home directory in UNIX?

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What command a user use to view a long text file one page at a time in UNIX?

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What command would users use to see what file one page at a time in UNIX?

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The command grep first second third /usr/you/myfile a) prints lines containing the words first, second or third from the file /usr/you/myfile b) searches for lines containing the pattern first in the files second, third, and /usr/you/myfile and prints them c) searches the files /usr/you/myfiel and third for lines containing the words first or second and prints them d) replaces the word first with the word second in the files third and /usr/you/myfile e) None of the above

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How to get the operating system's information in unix?

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How to rename files and folders?

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what are the differences between CUI and GUI interfaces?

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What is the basic difference between unix and windows operating systems?

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IBM Unix Commands Interview Questions

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