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IBM Ab Initio Interview Questions
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How to Create Surrogate Key using Ab Initio?

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How do we handle if DML changing dynamicaly?

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Describe how you would monitor and control database physical file size and growth?

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name the air commands in ab initio?

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How to calculate total memory used my a graph?

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what is deeup in unique only?

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In MFS i developer developed 2-way, but supporters r supporting 4-way on same records how is possible?

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What is air_project_parameters and air_sandbox_overrides? what is the relation between them?

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I had 10,000 records r there i loded today 4000 records, i need load to 4001 - 10,000 next day how is in Type 1 and how is it on type 2?

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how will i can implemate Insert,Update,delete in abinitio? how will u view MFS in unix?what is diff/btween conditional dml& conditional component?

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How to load the data from an excel sheet to input file in a graph?

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what is difference between fuse and join? Explain in detail? In which scenario we will use them?

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What do you mean by continuous graph? what is it significance?

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What is the difference between reformat and redefine format?

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what is difference between chk point n phase.Say im loading a file (containig 1 lakh records) and my graph fails after loading 50,000th record.What is the advantage of using check point in this case. Will i be able to start from 51000th record.

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IBM Ab Initio Interview Questions

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