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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Hey guys, Developers compile the code they write. That is a kind of testing!! Which category it belongs to in Testing. Static testing or Dynamic testing. Please clarify

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Does anyone have any good examples of some acceptance criteria for non-functional requirements?


What is the Configuration Management?

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Can any one Explain what is Impact Analysis?

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What is negative Testing ? Write Negative Test Cases on "Edit" Button, "Cancel" Button ?

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1.. what is mean by data base testing and what are the important things you want to check while in database testing ?

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What is diff between Agile SDLC and TDD SDLC? Kindly let me know?

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what is difference between Sanity testing and Smoke testing?

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What is testing process

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Apart from integrating testing,what a test engineer will do in system testing?

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can u explain me v-model?I told him we will do parallely both devolpment and testing . frs------------useraccepatance testing \ / srs system testing \ / HLD integration testing \ / LLD--------------------- unit testing \ / CODING he asked me how ur frs is done parallel with useracceptence testing and srs is done parallel to system testing and HLD IS done parallel to integration testing and LLD is done parallel to unit testing.Give me a clear clarification for it?

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How could you handle the situation when you get the high seveority bug when the application is going to deliver by today night?

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What is verification and validation testing

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What are the testing processes, methodologies and techniques

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What are the different test levels

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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

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